Friday, September 02, 2005

New Orleans

Hi everyone.

I have been asked to provide a deeper and more detailed analysis/explanation of the unfolding events in the gulf.
As I scan this area.....the following is what I receive.

As the transformation of this planet continues, the inhabitants are being given the opportunity to ground higher frequencies.
In some areas of the world, this honor/duty is not being accepted by the citizens.
In simple terms, some are not advanced enough to handle a higher frequency of light.
This is not a simple process, it involves the ability of the soul of each entity to comprehend/process/inhabit higher levels of light/understanding.

As the Earth's tones move into harmony, those who are not resonant with the new frequencies are not only impeding their own progress, but that of their fellow man.
This is not a judgment, merely a statement of fact.

It is like plugging a high voltage appliance into a lower voltage system. The compatibility is not there.

Areas of the planet are literally being "plugged in" to higher vibrations.

How is this being accomplished?

Through the human body/mind/spirit complex.
The key is in the heart.

As the loving frequencies descend into matter, they must be grounded through the human energy system.

Those with "incompatible" frequencies interfere with this necessary wiring of the Earth's energy grid.
In order for this to continue unimpeded, it is extremely important now for lightworkers everywhere to send love to areas where there is a pronounced level of negativity.
This is best done by groups inhabiting these areas, but anyone can send energy at a distance to other places.

What type of energy/assistance can be offered?
Merely pure love and acceptance.
Do not attempt to change the frequencies. Only offer unconditional loving thoughts and emotions to specific areas.
This is best done in group meditations or prayer sessions.
Visualize light moving through the uppermost chakras(especially the one located at the edge of the Earth's atmosphere), down through the crown, etc, and settling in the heart.
From here send love to the area/peoples whom you have agreed upon.
From thence let this energy move down through the lower chakras, through the feet, and moving through your body to the Heart of the Earth, located in it's center.

In New Orleans, the only means by which Spirit could "plug in" there was to cleanse and open.
Notice how the Heart of the world is being engaged in this effort to help/love the inhabitants.

Those of you who hold meditation/prayer groups, now is the time to add a regular regimen of work involving sending love to specific areas.

Blessings to all in this vital work.

In love and service.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans: Mother Mary Speaks

Greetings and Blessings children:

Peace be with you.
Still your hearts and minds and ponder my words.

All in heaven and earth is given by the Father, who sent the elements of water and wind to cleanse the Heart and Soul of this country.

Pray, for this is the First Sign.

Please, teach your fellow man the responsibility of governing his thoughts and feelings.
The accumulated mass of negative energies could no longer be controlled, and did create this happening.

No longer can man be saved from the consequences of his negative thoughts. You have moved into a time of cleansing in which thought forms, whether positive or negative, will much more quickly and strongly translate into outward effects.

The City which is now sorrowing was crying out for salvation.
Those who there dwell are being given the opportunity to determine what is essential to the Soul.
It shall become a place reborn.
A mecca of spiritual transformation.
A cleansing revival of the spirit shall/has begun.

Watch, and learn.

Archangel Michael was released with his legion of angels, to boldly and decisively act in order to save the soul of this city.
If the leaders and citizens there respond to the spiritual impulses created by the waters....the angels will take hold there and infuse their love and grace into those ready to receive.
It is a grand Baptism.

Pray that the Holy Spirit may do it's work there.
Pray that the angels might step through this opening and accomplish their task of salvation.

In Peace.

Mother Mary

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Clarifying Relationships

Greetings from the higher vibrations of Venus:

We offer to you on Earth our energies for the clarification of relationships.
Currently as a planetary entity we are moving through a transit which offers a challenge to all of your ties and alliances.
The energies of our planet now give you the opportunity to establish new ground in communications with family, friends, business acquaintances, and love relationships.
Now is the time to clean out the closet, so to speak, and declare any unsaid truths that you have neglected to communicate.

In love relationships, now is the time to completely forgive and release any lingering resentments. If you have past relationships which don't feel finished, now is the time to do the work of releasing and forgiving your former partner.
A releasing ritual is very helpful for this purpose.
Light a white candle, and ask that their and your guides be present.
Speak out loud anything that you feel angry or bitter about.
Ask to be forgive for any mistakes that you made.
Ask God to allow the two of you to move on in the best way possible, with only the good feelings remaining.
Thank your former partner for the learning you shared together.

With family, this is an excellent time for a conference, in which everyone is permitted to speak their truth without judgment.
Fairness is uppermost now, so attempt to find harmonious solutions which all can find peace with.

If you are in a work situation which seems burdensome or unjust, now is the time to meditate and pray about the best solution.

Your planet is moving through another initiation, and lightworkers are asked to Live their Truth.
Lead others in being a living example of the ideal friend, wife, mother, father , brother, son, co-worker, boss.
The air element is being engaged, and you will find that it will help to clarify and cleanse any untruths in your relationships with others.

This is all a preparatory step, as the Logos of your planet is preparing a light infusion for February of 2006.
More will be given on this subject soon.

Adonai and Shalom from
the Higher Vibrational Levels of Venus

Friday, July 15, 2005

Group Meditation

Hi everyone

Thanks for all the positive comments on my question and answer format. I really enjoy the challenge of finding the right words and intuitive information for you.
Our monthly mothermarycircle is meeting on this upcoming Sunday.
If you have not attended before but would like to, just email me at
I will be happy to provide information about our group, and directions to my house for those who want to attend.
Each month we meditate for peace and unity, Eileen shares Spirit Messages for those in attendance, and we leave time to eat and talk.



Thursday, July 14, 2005

Question #5: Resigned and Tired

Question #5:

Dear Eileen......My cousin Joyce gave me your address and suggested that I write to you. My date of birth 7-28-49......I have been married to a loving but alcoholic husband.for 33 years...for years I wanted to leave, once I did and a voice in my head said to go back and finish it this time. Now I am resigned and just tired ........can you shed any insight into my situation??,,,,,,,,,,Your input will be


After reviewing your chart(which is quite complicated, by the way), I offer some insights into your question.

You have several planets in cardinal signs. This means you are by nature, a leader, one whom others look to for guidance. You are nurturing and kind to those in need.
However. you often feel at odds with yourself, almost as if you were two people. One part of you knows perfectly well what is right and healthy for you, and you proceed with confidence and assurance.

The other part of you is self-doubting and pessisimistic about your circumstances and future. Your emotions lead you to stay tied to frustrating scenarios which deny your vitality and growth.

This latter part is a fragment of a past in which you were a rigid taskmaster who was demanding and harsh, in your personal and social relationships. You were proud and showy, with wealth and position. You had no compassion for those less fortunate, even when they were most in need of the favor that your influence could bestow.
At the end of that incarnation, you died frustrated and alone, unsatisfied with your life.

After that lifetime, you had remorse and guilt over your self-centered ways, and resolved to "do better". You planned to concentrate on helping others.
In the process you have lost the balance between the needs of others and your own.

In this time you have felt chained to circumstances which degrade your spirit and your energy, which "do not do you justice".
You purposely planned this as a lifetime of limitation, in order that you would turn away from outward seeking.
You are being trained to abandon the desire for social status and position.
You are being humbled in relationship in order to know your deepest vulnerability.
All of this is designed to cause you to search for answers, and that search is within.

Your own spirituality cries out for acknowledgement.
You have strong mentoring, healing, and psychic abilities, but these are somewhat undeveloped and denied.
They are not considered "profitable" to your deepest self.
However, your path, and your greatest lesson, comes in recognizing that it is through finding own's own spiritual identity/service....that the most magnificent, blazing joy is made manifest in your life.

This does not mean martyrdom to the suffering of another human being.

Yes, there was a karmic debt to be paid to your husband in this lifetime.
That debt has long since been settled. He has grown spiritually lazy on your kind indulgence.
You do him and yourself no favors, as he does not progress as long as you hold him hostage to your guilt.

Let down the barriers to your own joy. Open up, and allow others to help you. Vulnerability is your strength now.
Join a group which offers support for the spouses of alcoholics. This will enable you to find the courage to forgive yourself for not being perfect, and not being able to save him. He can only do that for himself.

Pray. Be free. Let God lead you.

In love and service.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Question #4: Too Many Changes?

I would deeply appreciate an answer to a question that has plagued me for most of my life and still does because it has happened again. Why do i feel the need for so much change in my life? No sooner do i get settled somewhere, make my home look great, get to know folks, enjoy the area and then i feel the need to move on to somewhere else. (Needless to say this pattern also caused a lot of different jobs, not necessarily in the same field). Sometimes this has taken place in the same locale but other times i moved from one state to another. This is the case now. I feel the urgent need to sell our beautiful home, leave all my volunteer work and move back to my home state, live with my daughter and her husband until my husband and i can accumulate enough money to pay cash for a small house in that area to use until we die (which i feel is in the near future). Is it possible to know about one's own demise or that of a loved one? Would like your enlightment on these two subjects and so would my husband. He thinks i have a severe problem with stability and wants to know what to do to help me correct it. Thanks for your time and may you be continually blessed with your gifts and those things you desire.


I did check out your birth chart to get an idea of some of the patterns going on in your life.
I also used my intuition to feel out what issues may be at play here.

You have a very unusual grouping of planets in Gemini. Five planets altogether. This is a lot for one sign and indicates that you have a lot of lessons to learn from this energy.
Gemini is an air sign, which indicates a lot of mental activity. You like to talk and socialize, travel, and daydream. People with a lot of Gemini predominant in their charts tend to have issues with "staying the course", and "being grounded". With five planets lined up there, it would unnatural for you to want to stay in any one place for a length of time.

Also, you have Mars in Leo, which makes you bold and aggressive at times. You are convinced of your inner logic, when it shows itself. This is a strong energy which is hard to resist, especially when it urges you towards picking up stakes and moving on.

Without your exact birth time, it is difficult to be certain of where your moon is, but it most likely is in Taurus. This would give you a feeling of inner, and outer, conflict, with your restless nature. The moon is your emotions and Taurus is an earth sign. It wants to stay put and enjoy home and family. In fact, it rarely wants to leave the house.
So what you have is a deep disparity between your heart and your head. You may project this disparity onto your relationship with your husband. However, the conflict is actually within yourself.

As I scan some of your past life patterns, what I find are patterns of being "jailed" or "trapped" in circumstances beyond your control, usually at the hands of men.
Frequently, in other incarnations, you were victimized or martyred to relationships, and duties.
I see you as a servant/nun in a hermitage, where the monks are cared for by obedient and chaste women. You detested this existence, but were sent there by your father, and were not permitted to leave.
I see you in the cargo hold of a slaveship, a young teenage girl, dying of dysentery.
I see you in the time of Christ, a follower and believer, a healer, working with lepers, and becoming one yourself. Your friends turned on you and abandoned you, afraid of becoming lepers themselves. You were not allowed to leave the colony.
I see you as a harsh plantation owner in the deep South, keeping a tight rein on your "property", which meant everything to you.
I see you as a Jamaican Queen, leader of your people, organizing women to help them empower themselves. You were driven from your village when you became "too powerful."

Over and over again, your life path was determined by others.
Therefore, in this lifetime, you are driven to "call the shots." This is what makes you feel safe.

What I feel is your deepest to accept your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. And love yourself for them. Let others care for you, get close to you, and support you. Just for who you are, not for what you do.

The constant moving is a means of feeling in control, but also, just a part of who you are.

All these lives, and others, accumulate.......and with them, the karma that you must work out.

The good news is, most of it has been alleviated.

You, like many other lightworkers, designed a lifetime in which you could meet many of those with whom you had karmic entanglements and agreements. The idea was to balance these relationships and to sow seeds of forgiveness and healing.
In order for you to accomplish this, you had a lot of moving around to do. Many lessons to work out...many people to become re-acquainted with, as you are/were determined to progess as much as possible in this incarnation.

You may never be completely content here on earth. We form obligations to others here and must be willing to keep them. Your wanderlust is a part of your spirit and must be honored also. It has it's place, but cannot be allowed to run your life.

You have a marriage to maintain and I believe that you value it.
You must take into consideration your husband's need for stability.
It is not unreasonable for him to want to stay put at this stage in your lives.
Go deep within, and ask yourself the tough questions.
What will I really accomplish by moving?
How much does my marriage mean to me?

As for your second question, yes, I do believe sometimes we sense our own timetable here on earth.
I also believe, in your case, that your need to move is tied in with your fear of death.

Do a releasing ritual. If you don't know how, check out my website, there are one or two listed.
As for whether or not you should move at this time in your life, I don't know.
That really isn't the point, anyway.
This is coming up to allow you to clear the air with your husband, for you to move towards a better acceptance and understanding with each other.
This is a turning point in your marriage and a tremendous opportunity for healing.
I hope you will use it.

In love and service.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Re: Question #3: Intersection Points.

Hi Eileen,
Thank you for your prompt response to my quiery.

I guess my real issue is a fear of relationships.
While reading discription of L., I saw a mirror image of myself. I suppose that is why I liked him because in a way he was safe.
I do want to marry for need of intimacy but my independence is something I had not thought of releasing.

Since last Friday, I have experienced a feeling deep in my solar plexis that is filled with anxiety, stress, fear, and had no idea where this was coming from the break of relationship with L., or the spiritual. I sense Chaos all around me and have had a difficult time finding balance within myself. Yesterday, I felt perhaps the full moon or summer soltice. Could you shed light here?
You see to understand if the relationship was the cause I felt a need to explore that avenue first.


Hi P.

What you are experiencing at the solar plexus level is past life residue from this relationship.
You have been connected with him before, and spirit was/is using your interaction to assist you in clearing the way for what you truly want.

To clarify; We occasionally experience what I call " intersection points" in our lives, which correspond to certain events in past lives which we are attempting to clear. These points are
"hot buttons" that are activated when specific conditions occur which line up with dramas from our past incarnations. We re-experience similar emotional/physical circumstances which offer us the opportunity to cleanse, clarify, and forgive.

In this case, you experienced a past life with L. in which you were a careless husband who traded in fine linens and costly goods. L. was your wife in that lifetime, and felt neglected and unappreciated. There was a corresponding lifetime in which you were his daughter. He was a person of influence in a Jewish settlement where you lived. He was ashamed of you because you did not conform to the very orthodox beliefs and restrictions which governed your village. Eventually you were banished, and you never forgot, or forgave, the humiliation which this event caused. He did not try to prevent your banishment, and your unconscious attempts at controlling each other have been at work ever since.
Understand that now both of you have progressed beyond these circumstances, but are emotionally caught in these heavy feelings.

It is time to do a healing/releasing ritual here.

Choose a day when there are no distractions. Turn off phone, TV, etc.

Light a fire outside if possible. Have represented earth, air, and water, also. Air can be a feather or sword or knife. Earth is rocks, sand, etc. Water is self-explanatory. Ask the elements to help you in your quest to be free.
Prepare these objects around you, and seat yourself amongst them.
Call upon Spirit in whatever way is useful for you, but especially yours and his personal guides and higher selves.
Imagine that he is within the circle with you sitting opposite.
Ask his forgiveness for any harm that you have done him in this life or any other.
At this point if you have anything to say or apologize for, you should speak this out loud.
Then, forgive him for any harm which he may have brought to you in this life or others.
Ask that you may be mutually released from any further negative karma or interactions.
Be specific in this praying, let yourself feel whatever comes up, and speak to him as if he were in the room. Say, "I release and forgive you."
When you feel finished, ask Spirit to come forth and bless this relationship.
Ask that it be completely healed. Ask that he and you will be led unto your highest individual paths.
Ask that only the best and highest energies will henceforth be present between you in lives to come.
Thank your guides and his.

This is a very powerful ritual and can work wonders.

If further emotions come up, repeat this process until you feel clear.

It may take days, or a few weeks even to feel finished.

This is the great work which we are all compelled to do, to clear off the dross from unresolved dramas.

It opens the doorway to Spirit's Greatest Gifts.

In love and service.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Q #3: Relationship Ending


I met a man a couple of years ago. We have been dating for over a year without comitting to a set relationship.
Wednesday evening he came to the house to tell me he has been wanting to tell me for a long time that he met a woman , he would like to go out with and felt it important to tell me before he asked her.
My question is why, What happened.


Hi P.

After reading the background information which you sent on this relationship, I can advise you as to some possibilities.

My intuition tells me that this man is not dealing straight with you, nor with anyone.
He suffers from some deep-seated insecurities which do not allow him to develop strong attachments. He has feelings and emotions, but self-preservation is everything to him. Relationships do not feel like safe ground, therefore he will sabotage any attempts to become very intimate and close.

He wants to have his cake and eat it too, and you are not alone in being misled or deceived. He wants to be thought well of at all costs, so he will carry on with more than one person at a time, without letting on to anyone what is occurring.

On a spiritual level, he is trying in this incarnation to move to the heart chakra level of unconditional love. He works a lot with groups because this gives him opportunities to offer love to people regardless of their state of awareness. However, he has not been able to transfer this level of interaction to his one on one relationships, which he ends or retreats from if he feels that he is "getting in to deep".

It is helpful to know where he is coming from, but you need to focus on the lesson presented to you.
You have strong intimacy needs, and you also enjoy your independence. You need the freedom to come and go in a committed relationship. Be very clear with yourself at this point.

What exactly do you want in a relationship?

Love is available in a myriad of forms and varieties. This man does/did have feelings for you. However, he is not capable of the kind of relationship that you desire.
I sense that you have strong family feeling and a deep sense of responsibility for your loved ones.
I do suggest, however, that some of this is engineered to assist you in avoiding key discussions and situations in your relationships.

Pay attention to the timing of your family's needs, and notice if it doesn't coincide with parallel needs in your intimate relationships. Do they often seem to be at odds at the same time?
This is no accident. This is a safety valve for you that enables you to regain a sense of stability and safety, to take a retreat from moving into a deeper understanding with a partner.

This occurred so that you might take the opportunity to sort out what you are willing to give, and what you require, from an intimate relationship, and to decide what your priorities are. If your family comes first and foremost everytime, then be very clear about that.

If you want to be married, and only want to date marriage minded men, let the universe know.
It tunes in to your signals, conscious or unconscious, and gives you back a reflection of your deepest needs.

In love and service:


Realms of Light

Greetings from the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator:

Many lightworkers are now experiencing deep adjustments in their emotional bodies.
Residue from unresolved karma is being washed away at a rapid pace.
You will feel the need to retreat from the world and anchor yourself in your own beingness.

We are assisting in this process as much as possible.
If you find yourselves in the midst of unexpected emotional confusion and darkness, realize that we/you have set the intention to allow as much light as possible to be used and absorbed through your lightbody. This is accomplished by clearing the path, which is sometimes obstructed with old emotional debris. This is a good time for a crying spell or a good long soaking bath.

Many of you are being lifted from your human frames during sleep in order to receive information and adjustments. You may experience a rising or falling sensation during sleep. You may sense a feeling of height or distance from your body. These are all symptoms of the work being accomplished.

In specific, you are being removed to places of remembrance and healing. You are being given the opportunity to view your blueprint for your incarnations here, and to review where you are in relation to this. Adjustments are being made to the pineal gland to assist this process.
Some of you may experience this as flashes of light, or, as being in an environment which is suffused with a brilliant glowing iridiscence. You may hear sounds, or voices calling your name.

The use of quart crystals placed around or under the sleeping area is helpful to ground and balance your energy bodies. Choose a geometric pattern such as the pyramid or five-pointed star.

Work with meditations which balance the chakras. Yoga and Tai Chi are also specifically helpful right now.

Some of you who have been feeling a sense of spiritual intensity will begin working in new areas. Some of you will begin to channel, while others will have an increase in psychic sensitivity due to the activation of the pineal gland.

Many of you have had the sensation of "something coming". Indeed the planetary adjustments are to be increased dramatically, but this is necessary and beneficial. It portends the opening of the floodgates of light, as the vacuum created by catastrophic events acts as a portal for high frequencies of light to infuse the human race.

You may call upon us to in prayer and meditation. We are given the honor/responsibility to assist in whatever way we can.

In these times, those of Awareness are to act as guides and wayshowers. Forget not your role, and blessings be upon you.


The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator

Monday, June 13, 2005

Soul Cleansing

We greet you

We are the old ones, ancient of days, the grandfathers.
What is laid before you now is an opportunity for deep spiritual cleansing.
There are doorways open now for the next five days, doorways which offer the chance for great change.
Many of you have old wounds of the soul which need healing.

Healers, helpers, lightbringers, listen.
We are here to give our aid.
We have walked this Earth too.
We have seen it's sorrows and burdens.
We know of it's weary toils.
We remain as the old voice of wisdom.

Obtain a gem or rock which is of your liking.
Tigers Eye

In times of quiet or prayer
Place this rock or tape it onto the solar plexus.
Breathe in and out through the belly.
Ask your power animals, higher self, Mother/Father/God, and especially, the rock elementals to assist you in cleansing deep wounds.
These centralize in the human aura around the solar plexus area.
As you breathe in, ask the powers of the Earth and of the Divine to remove and dissolve all emotional knots, wounds, and toxins.
As you breathe out, see heavy energies being released.
Ask the Holy Spirit to use the rock to cleanse and remove all darkness.
Use this ritual once daily at the same time until you feel finished.
When you feel finished with this cleansing.
Move to the second stage of this process.

Obtain a quartz rock of clarity.
The size is unimportant.
Place or tape the rock over the third eye(slightly above and in between the eyes).
In meditation or prayer, ask the space created by the cleansing be filled with light and intelligence.
Ask that any spiritual gifts or understandings which have been dormant be now opened and released.
Ask the Holy Spirit to move through the rock and open this doorway.
Give thanks for the help given.
This process may take one session or many.
Judge this according to your own inner guidance.

It is good to write, to keep a journal during this time.
You will dream vividly and strongly.
You will receive answers to old questions and you will discover new avenues of service.

We watch your progress.
You are loved and guided.

The Grandfathers

Friday, May 27, 2005

Message from Mary

Hail to you, dearly beloved;

So many appeal to me for help in assuaging the anguish of earthly woes and existence.
Many messages and prophecies have been given which describe possible fearful events in your near future.
Children of God, do not lend your ear or your attention to cheerless prophecy.
In so doing, you only increase the burden of the Earth.
As bringers of light, it is your joyful task to comfort, uplift and inspire.

Please do not spread anxious conjecture, but rather, focus and dwell upon your picture of the Earth Renewed. Each of you has a seed, a gift of vision which contains a Truth about the age of peace you are shortly to enter.
Draw this forth from within, and in whatever way you can, share this with others.

Turn off the visions of violence and ill-will which come from your media.
Turn away from messages of gloom.
Focus only on what is right, healing, and good.

Every day all of you witness miracles great and small.
These should be our daily focus.
Thankfulness, and joyful activity in the service of Peace.

In the House of Peace are many rooms waiting to be filled with your presence.
Prepare yourself, as no one knows the hour the Bridegroom cometh.
Would we be anxious and fearful in the presence of the Lord?
In the house of the Father would we not celebrate?

Rejoice then.
The days are at hand.

The peace of God be with you.
The Eternal Mother.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Shift Part Two

Greetings from a Messenger of Mercury;

Hail to those who come as Travelers. Wanderers. Speakers. Lightworkers.
The time is now to acknowledge your role and remember yourself.

Some of you came specifically to ground your frequency to support the new framework.
Earth has shifted in her seat, and is providing an opportunity to make the current adjustments easier.

As the information we spoke of is grounded into your chakras and through to the heart of the Earth, you are setting up the harmonic grid to support the 4th dimensional energies which are already present and ready to be assimilated.

This can be likened to constructing an upper floor to your house, you are laying the beams and connecting the structure together.

In so doing, you ease the burden of the Earth as she labors to throw off the dross of inharmonious thought forms.

Many strange, wonderful, mystical, unusual scenes will be witnessed in your skies in the next 18 months. Especially notice the areas of Mt. Shasta, the Himalayas, South America, and the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

Some of the highest echelon of world leadership will suddenly change their political course. This will be due to a series of "walk-in" experiences which have been pre-arranged for specific purposes.

These events are meant to spur, awaken, and inspire any who still sleep.

Know that the hosts of heaven are here as witness and help.

You are entering the "time of times", when events will speed up greatly, and confusion will be experienced by many.

Also recognize that you, as lightworkers, are not here to "escape" or be "lifted off" . You chose to be here to assist and be way-showers. Your courage and groundedness are needed now.

In group meditations, energies will be poured through you to assist in the flow of the higher cosmic currents which are now engulfing your planet.

As much as possible, become one with each other in intent. Connect with other groups for mutual coordinated service.

Messengers of Mercury in Service to the One Creator.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005



We are messengers of Light who hail from the planet you call Mercury.
We are contacting various groups and beings who dwell on Earth in order to apprise them of an upcoming energy shift.

So as was foretold, the mystery centers located in Egypt, especially underneath the Sphinx, are being opened and translated.
This event/events has/is creating a portal of information which is being released in to your atmosphere.
This can be imagined as an energetic cloud containing codes and activation keys. It has been sent forth into the etheric web surrounding your planet.
It contains information both personal and planetary.

This is especially important for those who resonate with the Egyptian mystery schools, Ra, the Order of Melchizedek, the Flower of Life, the Letters of Fire, the Kabbalah.

Call upon your guides, higher self, and other-planetary helpers to assist you in downloading the key information which concerns your highest destiny.

This etheric web of energy which was stored under certain monuments in Egypt, has now been released from it's confinement and is seeking grounding.

Groups of light in service to the One Creator are now called upon to receive this energy in meditations and prayer.

Let it pass from the highest chakra centers through the energy body and into the root chakra.
From there visualize it moving to the heart of the Earth.

There are helpers present in the Etheric body of your planet, groups of other- planetary beings, who are assisting in this project.

The greatest window of opportunity for this is June 1 thru November 11 of 2005.

We thank those hu-mans who already have awareness of this event, and are undertaking to do their part.

Messengers of Mercury
In service to the One Creator.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Group Meditation

I have been asked by spirit to begin a monthly meditation/prayer/ritual/channelling/meeting.
The first will be held on June 12, 2005, at 1:30pm.
I have been asked to call this group the Mother Mary circle.
I am receiving communications from her which ask me to establish a group here in Bethany in order to ground spiritual energies and to assist her by lending our support.
For directions to Eileen's house or other questions, email at


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Question 2

Hello Eileen

I have been seriously pondering having another baby. I have one son thatI homeschool and was not planning on another pregnancy...but I keep having dreams about having a baby and when I wake up I feel she is missing. Is there another child in my future, waiting for me to allow her into our lives? Peace & Light, Marcie


Hello Marcie

I sense a aura of fertility around you. Frequently beings who wish to incarnate with us will begin introducting themselves through dreams, visions, and what I call baby cravings.
This particular being is extremely sensitive.
She is also very focused and driven. She has a specific task that she wishes to accomplish here on Earth.
We make karmic contracts with others to serve as parent.
It is up to you to determine if you have made such a contract with this being, and if so, if you can support that agreement.
These contracts are not iron-clad, they can be flexible as circumstances may require.
This one is extremely connected to the entity it chooses as father.
I suggest that you sit quietly and have a few "conversations" with this being.
You already know each other from other existences. If you find this difficult, ask very specific questions before going to bed at night, and ask that the answers be given in sleep.
I suggest keeping a dream journal for a while, and notice the information that comes through. Even if it seems unconnected, I believe you may see a pattern as time goes on.
Give yourself time, and take precautions until you have made your decision.



Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Hello, Eileen,

Three months ago I closed a store/cafe that I owned because I ran out of money to continue. The money situation, since then, has been tenuous, as has just about every other area of my life.

I seem to be either depressed, guilty, or angry at myself much of the time, although I feel that I'm moving up the emotional ladder somewhat to acceptance of "what is" and am working steadily on picking up the pieces and going on with my life.
At this juncture, I seem to spend far too much time in some kind of a neutral space - not happy or sad, just resigned. I've really been in this space for over a year (ever since I realized that the store was more or less doomed), and I can't seem to pull myself out.

Can you offer suggestions or help?

Thank you



Hi Peggy

I am sorry about the loss of your business.
What I sense is that you have unfinished work over this.

It is time to do a releasing ritual.
First, sit down and turn off the phone, tv, and all distractions.
Write everything that you feel about the loss of your business. Not what you think, don't analyze it. Put your emotions about this experience down on paper.
Read it aloud to yourself, and cry if you feel....or yell..or whatever feels natural.

When you feel finished with that, it is time to let yourself off the hook.
You didn't fail. You had an experience at running a business. It was a valuable experience. It taught you a lot about yourself, your strengths, and your limitations.
Write down everything you learned about this. Congratulate yourself for having the courage to do it.

Take your papers that you journaled with and burn them. Watch them go up in smoke.
Let go.

Take your time with this process. It may take few hours, a few days, or a week. Give yourself all the time that you need.

You have left an opening for wonderful things in your life.
When you let something go, you give yourself the opportunity to bring in something new.
What exactly, would you like that to be?
See it, in detail.
Every day, sit for a few minutes and focus on your new vision.
See yourself happy and moving forward.

The universe brings you more of what you are fascinated with.
Ask, and you shall receive.
Seek, and you shall find.
Knock, and it shall be opened.



Monday, May 09, 2005

Sun Speaks

Greetings children

I am the sustainer and the father of life
I help create and support your sense of self
The radiance of my body is the light of love and power
My role is to provide energy and life force for your human design and
for the other life forms on your planet

I am a part of the grand design of the One Creator
I accept my role and live for the joy it brings to me
You too, hu-mans, are part of the Creator's plan
Your greatest joy in existence is found when you allow yourselves to be what you are intended to be
Within all of you is a voice which gives guidance and instruction about your life path
Let me help you to heed that voice

Come outside and bask in my/your radiance
I give energy and sustenance to the cells of your body
I bring joy and vitality to your spirit
Coded information is sent to you from my body, and received through your skin and eyes

There are those who say I am a danger
Not so my children

Use me in balance and you will find me to be a help to you

Some of you consume things into your magnificent bodies which are harmful
Foods, drugs, and other things which have no vitality
These create toxins in your bodies and cells, which react with my rays to accelerate illness

Keep you body cleansed of these toxins and my light will purify and heal you
15 to 45 minutes of my rays on your skin daily is healing and refreshing

All things created by the One God are Good
Be with me and allow me to remind you of this
You are created by the One God
Let me heal your sadness
Let me teach you of your strength and power
Let my light glow from within you


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Magnetic Codes of Light


We are a group of beings who bring a specific message to those who have ears to hear.
We do not utilize spoken word.
We utilize this channel in order to translate our intent.
Our purpose is to perfect DNA systems which are used to seed galaxies.
We read DNA as you would computer code, and search for aberrations and inconsistencies.
We work in the realms of what you would term Magic, and one of our tools is the use of musical tones and vibrations.
All DNA is vibrational code.
All entities throughout the universes have a unique song due to their own DNA patterns.
All Planets are identified by the combined sound of every being's vibrational sound signature.

When Planetary inhabitants harmonize their codes, Planets are stabilized and evolution proceeds at a rapid pace.

The energy body you call earth has sent forth into the inhabited galaxies a stream of information which indicates it's movement into a higher octave of vibration.

Included in this message from earth is information concerning hu-man inhabitants.
The earth expresses distress and concern over the welfare of these beings.

We received this transmission and scanned the earth in order to discover what type of beings dwelled therein, and if we could be of service.

After processing the data from all sources of vibrational awareness, we found that we can offer service to those who wish it.

We began by offering to earth a series of informations which were codes of stabilizing and harmonizing data. These are ongoing and are offered through a variety of sensory stimuli. Our language is light and vibration, or sound.

Those who respond visually will find in some areas of the earth, unusual atmospheric light displays and inexplicable weather anomalies. By gazing at these visual cues, data is absorbed through the eye apparatus and into the brain, where it activates certain dormant and innate cues in the human pineal gland, in order to open doorways to higher awareness, and to offer self-correcting data to repair and upgrade DNA patterns. This is a very efficient method of offering assistance.

We as a group are also constructing a magnetic light field which offers stability to the earth. It harmonizes with the awareness at which your Planet now vibrates, and gives support to her energy systems.

It also causes rearrangement and temporary disarray to some of the structural integrity of Earth, in order to re-shape and fine tune her body to be in closer alignment with her intent.

This may be detected by hu-mans as changes in magnetic fields, time and space anomalies which translate into feelings of "missing time", or conversely, time moving very slowly.

Portals within the Earth which contain evolutionary information are to be opened and activated. These portals have information which is sound coded. It harmonizes with the information that we bring in order to create and seed new thought forms of planetary stabilization and growth.

This is accomplished through the use of sound waves, directed at specific areas.

There are hu-mans aware of these activations, and they receive this information in a variety of ways.

Those who are drawn to assist in this activity, now is the time to assemble in order to ground certain areas to enhance reception.

Intuitively sounding with the voice, in groups of two or more, the interval of the musical fifth, is an appropriate means of turning the key.

Thanks you for the opportunity to serve.

We are open to queries from hu-man inhabitants of Earth.


Channel: Eileen Hetherington

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Water Speaks

I am the conductor of emotion. I give movement and flow to your body and the planet you live on.
I am humble and sure, patient and steadfast. I perform great tasks over long periods of time.

I am water.

Now is a massive cleansing taking place. Use me.
There is a an open doorway through which you can heal wounds which began centuries ago. The key to that opening is emotion.
From mid-February to late March of this year, the deepest of karmic hurts can finally be purged and resolved. In the human body this is accomplished through tears. Within the chemicals that make up your tears are toxins which poison and pollute your body.

Through crying these toxins can be released.

Ask for my help, invoke my energies.

Sad music.
Soaking baths.
Swimming pools.
Steam rooms.
Lakes and rivers.

Visit me and stay awhile. I can help you heal the most tender of wounds. Childhood hurts and past life traumas which have plagued you for years may now be released.
Melancholy is my means, and clarity is my goal.
When the tears have dried, the mind will clear.
Destiny will come into focus.
Use this opportunity to offer yourself great tenderness.
From this will come a new beginning.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Voice of Mother Earth


I stand strong in my resolve to help you, my children.
I hear the pleas for understanding and relief.
I am not the punisher.
No, my heart weeps for the weakness in my body.
You are that broken frame, my dear ones.
Come to me, in the stillness of morning.
Turn off your noise and gadgets.
Partake of silence and then you can hear me.

Children, the love of God is the same in all things.
All that he has created bears his light and intelligence.
All of nature is sensitive and alive.
From the vastness of infinite space
To the waves upon the shore.
The animal kingdom,
the majestic lion
the wise owl
the playful dolphin
the sly fox
all of these have knowledge
and the earth itself
the rocks and sand
waters in the seas
fiery volcanoes
all of these are alive and conscious as you are
in the days of old
you remembered this
never would you have purposely harmed the source of all things.

I hear the prayers which are offered for the salvation of Earth.

my children, when you destroy others in anger through war and violence
Earth is harmed
my body damaged
the animals scatter in fear
the rocks and sand remember
the winds carry the message of terror and rage
I am a part of you, as sensitive and alive as you are.
how can you bear to be destructive to yourself?

let your spiritual understandings penetrate to the deepest level of self.
You cannot harm the body you dwell upon without hurting yourself.

All of your thoughts are absorbed by me.
They are full of energy.
They sink through the chakras to the root of self, then pass through to the earth you stand upon.
They are carried by the wind to distant places
They are washed upon shores of foreign lands.
They plant fiery seeds in the minds of men.

You are alive in my liquid body.
You are my arms and hands, begging for help.
Choking me.

Gentle ones of awareness and grace
pray with me.
lightbringers of the new dawn...

please allow your higher learnings to pass through your physical body and take root.
Let them pass from the crown...wisdom
to the throat...acceptance
to the
to the solar plexus....will
to the sacral chakra....power
the power of peace is where you stand right now
send thoughts of love and stability to the earth itself.
to the grasses and trees
to the waters
to the winds
to the earth
My body is sacred.
Where you stand is holy ground.
You cannot hold thoughts of war and create peace on this Earth.

All of the teachings of your higher masters.
All the prayers you hold dear.
Mean nothing if you cannot bless the land where you dwell

Make ceremonies to stabilize my body
Invoke your divine masters and elements to assist you.
Pray with the powers of the Earth itself.

When you can hear my cries
When you can feel my pain
When you can share my burden.
When you bless the elements and other living things as your bless yourself.
Then are you Divine.
Then do you share in the Master's promise
The meek shall inherit the Earth.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Prayer to the Blessed Mother

Prayer to the Blessed Mother
O most Sacred and Fruitful One
in whose Holy Womb the Light was made
Hear the cries of the Earth's birthing
In sorrow and hope she brings forth the New Day
Let her waters flow in healing
Let her mountains and land be strengthened and stabilized
Let her winds blow truth and clarity
Let her fires cleanse and anoint
We who here dwell
Pray for mercy from your Beloved Son
Let him put forth his hand and cool the fevered brow
of war
Those who love peace
Honor and worship Him
Guide our steps to wholeness
Bless our Earth