Friday, May 27, 2005

Message from Mary

Hail to you, dearly beloved;

So many appeal to me for help in assuaging the anguish of earthly woes and existence.
Many messages and prophecies have been given which describe possible fearful events in your near future.
Children of God, do not lend your ear or your attention to cheerless prophecy.
In so doing, you only increase the burden of the Earth.
As bringers of light, it is your joyful task to comfort, uplift and inspire.

Please do not spread anxious conjecture, but rather, focus and dwell upon your picture of the Earth Renewed. Each of you has a seed, a gift of vision which contains a Truth about the age of peace you are shortly to enter.
Draw this forth from within, and in whatever way you can, share this with others.

Turn off the visions of violence and ill-will which come from your media.
Turn away from messages of gloom.
Focus only on what is right, healing, and good.

Every day all of you witness miracles great and small.
These should be our daily focus.
Thankfulness, and joyful activity in the service of Peace.

In the House of Peace are many rooms waiting to be filled with your presence.
Prepare yourself, as no one knows the hour the Bridegroom cometh.
Would we be anxious and fearful in the presence of the Lord?
In the house of the Father would we not celebrate?

Rejoice then.
The days are at hand.

The peace of God be with you.
The Eternal Mother.

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