Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Water Speaks

I am the conductor of emotion. I give movement and flow to your body and the planet you live on.
I am humble and sure, patient and steadfast. I perform great tasks over long periods of time.

I am water.

Now is a massive cleansing taking place. Use me.
There is a an open doorway through which you can heal wounds which began centuries ago. The key to that opening is emotion.
From mid-February to late March of this year, the deepest of karmic hurts can finally be purged and resolved. In the human body this is accomplished through tears. Within the chemicals that make up your tears are toxins which poison and pollute your body.

Through crying these toxins can be released.

Ask for my help, invoke my energies.

Sad music.
Soaking baths.
Swimming pools.
Steam rooms.
Lakes and rivers.

Visit me and stay awhile. I can help you heal the most tender of wounds. Childhood hurts and past life traumas which have plagued you for years may now be released.
Melancholy is my means, and clarity is my goal.
When the tears have dried, the mind will clear.
Destiny will come into focus.
Use this opportunity to offer yourself great tenderness.
From this will come a new beginning.