Friday, September 02, 2005

New Orleans

Hi everyone.

I have been asked to provide a deeper and more detailed analysis/explanation of the unfolding events in the gulf.
As I scan this area.....the following is what I receive.

As the transformation of this planet continues, the inhabitants are being given the opportunity to ground higher frequencies.
In some areas of the world, this honor/duty is not being accepted by the citizens.
In simple terms, some are not advanced enough to handle a higher frequency of light.
This is not a simple process, it involves the ability of the soul of each entity to comprehend/process/inhabit higher levels of light/understanding.

As the Earth's tones move into harmony, those who are not resonant with the new frequencies are not only impeding their own progress, but that of their fellow man.
This is not a judgment, merely a statement of fact.

It is like plugging a high voltage appliance into a lower voltage system. The compatibility is not there.

Areas of the planet are literally being "plugged in" to higher vibrations.

How is this being accomplished?

Through the human body/mind/spirit complex.
The key is in the heart.

As the loving frequencies descend into matter, they must be grounded through the human energy system.

Those with "incompatible" frequencies interfere with this necessary wiring of the Earth's energy grid.
In order for this to continue unimpeded, it is extremely important now for lightworkers everywhere to send love to areas where there is a pronounced level of negativity.
This is best done by groups inhabiting these areas, but anyone can send energy at a distance to other places.

What type of energy/assistance can be offered?
Merely pure love and acceptance.
Do not attempt to change the frequencies. Only offer unconditional loving thoughts and emotions to specific areas.
This is best done in group meditations or prayer sessions.
Visualize light moving through the uppermost chakras(especially the one located at the edge of the Earth's atmosphere), down through the crown, etc, and settling in the heart.
From here send love to the area/peoples whom you have agreed upon.
From thence let this energy move down through the lower chakras, through the feet, and moving through your body to the Heart of the Earth, located in it's center.

In New Orleans, the only means by which Spirit could "plug in" there was to cleanse and open.
Notice how the Heart of the world is being engaged in this effort to help/love the inhabitants.

Those of you who hold meditation/prayer groups, now is the time to add a regular regimen of work involving sending love to specific areas.

Blessings to all in this vital work.

In love and service.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans: Mother Mary Speaks

Greetings and Blessings children:

Peace be with you.
Still your hearts and minds and ponder my words.

All in heaven and earth is given by the Father, who sent the elements of water and wind to cleanse the Heart and Soul of this country.

Pray, for this is the First Sign.

Please, teach your fellow man the responsibility of governing his thoughts and feelings.
The accumulated mass of negative energies could no longer be controlled, and did create this happening.

No longer can man be saved from the consequences of his negative thoughts. You have moved into a time of cleansing in which thought forms, whether positive or negative, will much more quickly and strongly translate into outward effects.

The City which is now sorrowing was crying out for salvation.
Those who there dwell are being given the opportunity to determine what is essential to the Soul.
It shall become a place reborn.
A mecca of spiritual transformation.
A cleansing revival of the spirit shall/has begun.

Watch, and learn.

Archangel Michael was released with his legion of angels, to boldly and decisively act in order to save the soul of this city.
If the leaders and citizens there respond to the spiritual impulses created by the waters....the angels will take hold there and infuse their love and grace into those ready to receive.
It is a grand Baptism.

Pray that the Holy Spirit may do it's work there.
Pray that the angels might step through this opening and accomplish their task of salvation.

In Peace.

Mother Mary