Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Voice of Mother Earth


I stand strong in my resolve to help you, my children.
I hear the pleas for understanding and relief.
I am not the punisher.
No, my heart weeps for the weakness in my body.
You are that broken frame, my dear ones.
Come to me, in the stillness of morning.
Turn off your noise and gadgets.
Partake of silence and then you can hear me.

Children, the love of God is the same in all things.
All that he has created bears his light and intelligence.
All of nature is sensitive and alive.
From the vastness of infinite space
To the waves upon the shore.
The animal kingdom,
the majestic lion
the wise owl
the playful dolphin
the sly fox
all of these have knowledge
and the earth itself
the rocks and sand
waters in the seas
fiery volcanoes
all of these are alive and conscious as you are
in the days of old
you remembered this
never would you have purposely harmed the source of all things.

I hear the prayers which are offered for the salvation of Earth.

my children, when you destroy others in anger through war and violence
Earth is harmed
my body damaged
the animals scatter in fear
the rocks and sand remember
the winds carry the message of terror and rage
I am a part of you, as sensitive and alive as you are.
how can you bear to be destructive to yourself?

let your spiritual understandings penetrate to the deepest level of self.
You cannot harm the body you dwell upon without hurting yourself.

All of your thoughts are absorbed by me.
They are full of energy.
They sink through the chakras to the root of self, then pass through to the earth you stand upon.
They are carried by the wind to distant places
They are washed upon shores of foreign lands.
They plant fiery seeds in the minds of men.

You are alive in my liquid body.
You are my arms and hands, begging for help.
Choking me.

Gentle ones of awareness and grace
pray with me.
lightbringers of the new dawn...

please allow your higher learnings to pass through your physical body and take root.
Let them pass from the crown...wisdom
to the throat...acceptance
to the
to the solar plexus....will
to the sacral chakra....power
the power of peace is where you stand right now
send thoughts of love and stability to the earth itself.
to the grasses and trees
to the waters
to the winds
to the earth
My body is sacred.
Where you stand is holy ground.
You cannot hold thoughts of war and create peace on this Earth.

All of the teachings of your higher masters.
All the prayers you hold dear.
Mean nothing if you cannot bless the land where you dwell

Make ceremonies to stabilize my body
Invoke your divine masters and elements to assist you.
Pray with the powers of the Earth itself.

When you can hear my cries
When you can feel my pain
When you can share my burden.
When you bless the elements and other living things as your bless yourself.
Then are you Divine.
Then do you share in the Master's promise
The meek shall inherit the Earth.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Prayer to the Blessed Mother

Prayer to the Blessed Mother
O most Sacred and Fruitful One
in whose Holy Womb the Light was made
Hear the cries of the Earth's birthing
In sorrow and hope she brings forth the New Day
Let her waters flow in healing
Let her mountains and land be strengthened and stabilized
Let her winds blow truth and clarity
Let her fires cleanse and anoint
We who here dwell
Pray for mercy from your Beloved Son
Let him put forth his hand and cool the fevered brow
of war
Those who love peace
Honor and worship Him
Guide our steps to wholeness
Bless our Earth