Friday, May 16, 2008

Deep Clearing

We are in the midst of intensely purifying energies. Many of us are experiencing dramatic changes in the structures of our routines, our relationships, and our spiritual foundations.

For some, these times will trigger feelings of hopelessness, or the re-visiting of emotional patterns that we thought were entirely cleared. We may feel stuck, and not have any idea of how to move out of these seemingly negative impressions.

All of this is a necessity, because as we absorb more light, places within us which are need of healing will make themselves known. Many are having heaviness or illness in the body.

Try not to take these experiences as "truth". These are just shadows and clouds passing out of us, internal weather which has blocked the bright light of illumination.

This clearing will continue intensely for about two more weeks, after which there will be a tremendous downloading of new data for out lightbody grid, for ourselves and for the planetary body. I will send an update on this when the time arrives.

You will note more natural disasters at present. This current wave will continue for about six more weeks. It is ok to pray for protection, etc, for any given area, but realize that many beings are choosing to exit at this time, as their higher selves are aware that they are not compatible with the vibration which the earth currently is holding.

The bottom line is, we are being called to examine and evaluate the bottom line of how we operate, how we live, how we interact with others, and what we value.

To help the body and mind, use a simple technique of a flowing breath.

If you have illness or tension in the body or emotions, direct a deep cleansing breath into that area. Now slowly and gently release that congestion through breathing out. Continue this process, breathing in very slowly and deeply, and releasing in the same manner. Inhale a soft golden or pink light into the areas of tension. Try to connect the breaths, so the inhale and exhale flow into each other. As you get better at this, the breath becomes transformative.

Also, try to get some direct sunlight on your skin every day.

The Logos of the sun sends it's love through the healing rays. Bask in and receive this.

Remember, all is in perfection in the unfolding of the New Day. Be at peace in the truth and light of your spirit.

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