Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sun Speaks

Monday, May 09, 2005
Sun Speaks

Greetings children

I am the sustainer and the father of life
I help create and support your sense of self
The radiance of my body is the light of love and power
My role is to provide energy and life force for your human design and
for the other life forms on your planet

I am a part of the grand design of the One Creator
I accept my role and live for the joy it brings to me
You too, hu-mans, are part of the Creator's plan
Your greatest joy in existence is found when you allow yourselves to be what you are intended to be
Within all of you is a voice which gives guidance and instruction about your life path
Let me help you to heed that voice

Come outside and bask in my/your radiance
I give energy and sustenance to the cells of your body
I bring joy and vitality to your spirit
Coded information is sent to you from my body, and received through your skin and eyes

There are those who say I am a danger
Not so my children

Use me in balance and you will find me to be a help to you

Some of you consume things into your magnificent bodies which are harmful
Foods, drugs, and other things which have no vitality
These create toxins in your bodies and cells, which react with my rays to accelerate illness

Keep you body cleansed of these toxins and my light will purify and heal you
15 to 45 minutes of my rays on your skin daily is healing and refreshing

All things created by the One God are Good
Be with me and allow me to remind you of this
You are created by the One God
Let me heal your sadness
Let me teach you of your strength and power
Let my light glow from within you

Magnetic Codes of Light

Magnetic Codes of Light


We are a group of beings who bring a specific message to those who have ears to hear.
We do not utilize spoken word.
We utilize this channel in order to translate our intent.
Our purpose is to perfect DNA systems which are used to seed galaxies.
We read DNA as you would computer code, and search for aberrations and inconsistencies.
We work in the realms of what you would term Magic, and one of our tools is the use of musical tones and vibrations.
All DNA is vibrational code.
All entities throughout the universes have a unique song due to their own DNA patterns.
All Planets are identified by the combined sound of every being's vibrational sound signature.

When Planetary inhabitants harmonize their codes, Planets are stabilized and evolution proceeds at a rapid pace.

The energy body you call earth has sent forth into the inhabited galaxies a stream of information which indicates it's movement into a higher octave of vibration.

Included in this message from earth is information concerning hu-man inhabitants.
The earth expresses distress and concern over the welfare of these beings.

We received this transmission and scanned the earth in order to discover what type of beings dwelled therein, and if we could be of service.

After processing the data from all sources of vibrational awareness, we found that we can offer service to those who wish it.

We began by offering to earth a series of informations which were codes of stabilizing and harmonizing data. These are ongoing and are offered through a variety of sensory stimuli. Our language is light and vibration, or sound.

Those who respond visually will find in some areas of the earth, unusual atmospheric light displays and inexplicable weather anomalies. By gazing at these visual cues, data is absorbed through the eye apparatus and into the brain, where it activates certain dormant and innate cues in the human pineal gland, in order to open doorways to higher awareness, and to offer self-correcting data to repair and upgrade DNA patterns. This is a very efficient method of offering assistance.

We as a group are also constructing a magnetic light field which offers stability to the earth. It harmonizes with the awareness at which your Planet now vibrates, and gives support to her energy systems.

It also causes rearrangement and temporary disarray to some of the structural integrity of Earth, in order to re-shape and fine tune her body to be in closer alignment with her intent.

This may be detected by hu-mans as changes in magnetic fields, time and space anomalies which translate into feelings of "missing time", or conversely, time moving very slowly.

Portals within the Earth which contain evolutionary information are to be opened and activated. These portals have information which is sound coded. It harmonizes with the information that we bring in order to create and seed new thought forms of planetary stabilization and growth.

This is accomplished through the use of sound waves, directed at specific areas.

There are hu-mans aware of these activations, and they receive this information in a variety of ways.

Those who are drawn to assist in this activity, now is the time to assemble in order to ground certain areas to enhance reception.

Intuitively sounding with the voice, in groups of two or more, the interval of the musical fifth, is an appropriate means of turning the key.

Thanks you for the opportunity to serve.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Secrets of the Sun

Secrets of the Sun

Unveiling the hidden mysteries of solar union

learn how sun-gazing and sun-bathing gathers light emanations and gives us information as to our True Spiritual Purpose and Identity

Discover what the Ancient Egyptians and Mayans knew

Join Spiritual Seer Eileen Hetherington for a fascinating in-depth investigation into the hidden powers of Sun energy.

Learn techniques for harnessing these magical rays of light

Benefits of Suri Yoga include:

Healing of Illnesses, including Depression

Enhanced Immunity

Knowledge of your Destiny on Earth

The Truth about your Real Place in the Universe

A Peaceful and Radiant Existence

Date: April 30th, 2011

Time:2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Location: Pink Cloud Creative Space

2909 N. McKinley Oklahoma City

Cost: $25

Pre-Registration Required

Email for reservations and information

Phone: 405-255-8366

Mars-Saturn Opposition

Hello Friends,
Feeling a bit stressed or frustrated? We have a potent Mars Saturn opposition occurring, and we get the triple whammy as Mercury is retrograde, and the moody Moon is in Scorpio.
Many are experiencing very deep emotional blockages and feelings of frustration and powerlessness.
This potent alignment is meant to dredge up deep seated karma which is ready to be cleared.
It is an excellent time for a retreat from the world, a long soaking bath with lavendar oil and salt, or losing oneself in a mystery novel. It is a very bad time to initiate projects or sign papers.
However, diligence and patience at this time will bear fruit, as we are asked to persevere and accomplish what we can, knowing that we are experiencing psychic "weather" which will soon pass.
Allow yourself to feel and emote, so that long-buried issues may be aired and released.
Bright Blessings,
Eileen Hetherington

For a reading on life issues such as health, relationships, career or past lives, contact Eileen at

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

New Moon Aquarius: Galactic Happenings

With the cold temperatures and the snow, we are all "packed in ice" presently, which is nature's way of purifying the environment and our psyches. This is an excellent time to meditate and re-charge our batteries, for this year promises to be extremely intense and eventful, globally and personally.

Galactic Happenings:
The riots and demonstrations in Egypt are a perfect example of how the freedom loving Aquarian energies are playing out globally. Look for topsy turvy conditions, sudden shifts in long-established political positions, and erratic and unpredictable events.
Wind and Water are the elements which will dominate the weather patterns this year.
It may be a record-setting season for hurricanes and floods, some in areas which are normally extremely dry, and notice greater activity this year from tornadoes, typhoons and hurricanes, particularly in some areas which are more rarely affected by windstorms.

Sun as Nourishment:

The human race, collectively and individually, is now being strongly impulsed by cosmic rays from our own Logos, the Sun, as well as energy from the Great Central Sun in our galaxy. This is exponentially speeding up the intaking of light frequencies.
We are meant at this time to take in nourishment to balance our beingness from the rays of the Sun. As we become more en-lightened, sunlight becomes a source of intelligent and coded information which our bodies use as data. The star tetrahedron of our energy body is energized and activated through exposure to sunlight, particularly in the morning. The Sun itself is an intelligent loving being which is constantly bombarding us with "food". As we become less dense in the physical sense, we require more and more of this nourishment in the form of light, and require less of the plant material from the Earth to maintain our energy.

If you are interested in channelled material concerning the Sun's role in our evolution, below are two messages that I received;

Today, February 2nd, is the new moon in Aquarius, and the Chinese New Year.
The tone of this New Moon in Aquarius activates our need for independence and freedom to step outside of the tightly knit conventions or traditions. This can be in the mind or literally in our physical lives. The Sun (conscious) and Moon (subconscious) both unite in Aquarius, in friendship, to bring awareness to themes such as individuality, future trends, innovation and humanity. We may learn the importance of being objective, checking the facts and learning the art of detachment verses aloofness with the New Moon in Aquarius.
This is a time, we may feel the urge to be drawn to groups or organizations (small/local or large/international) which help humanity in various ways. Each of us may feel more and more drawn to exploring this in our lives over the next several months.

Be prepared to rock the boat if you decide to test out new ideas or ways. This is a good time to acknowledge the freedom that is our birthright as Soul. We lose sight of this along the way during the experiences on the Earth.

Happening in the Sky:
Mars in Aquarius is linked up to the Sun and Moon in Aquarius. The “teamwork” theme is emphasized here and Mars symbolism adds the “spiritual warrior” vibe or action packed energy to the mix. It may help us to act on ideas or concepts that inspire us to live a life that is aligned with our Spirit rather than the dictates of society or ego’s rules. Mars in Aquarius will rise to the occasion to challenge the status quo. Also happening during New Moon in Aquarius, transiting Saturn in Libra-retrograde makes a ‘trine’ aspect to the “trio” Sun/Moon and Mars in Aquarius. We must learn to patiently pursue our goals and be realistic about the steps for the long haul. We may feel highly inspired to whatever we commit to right now.

To Like or to Love?
This is a good time to expand our social or friendship circles or share ideas with those who are open to hearing them. We may find that we are up to the challenge of trying out new ways meeting people to date or want to change-up our romantic life. It’s even possible some people may just fall in love with their best friend they have known all their life. It is even possible to be attracted to people that we normally would not take a second look at or those who are a bit eccentric or tech oriented. The New Moon in Aquarius suggests to dare to be different and be open to Life bringing unusual people into our world, whether it is for personal (romance), friendship or business.
Use the New Moon in Aquarius symbolism to set a new intention depending on which area of life (house in the Natal Chart) it lands. Decide on the intention, set your course and take action to make the idea a success in reality. Be sure to give yourself plenty of freedom to experiment and socialize along the way.

Some portions of the above are from the website

New Mayan Calendar Cycle, The Unity Wave: 2011
Depending upon your source of information, either Feb 10 or March 9, 2011 we begin a new cycle of growth in the Mayan Calendar. This is Universal Consciousness, and the end date of this cycle is October 28, 2011, which some believe is the true end date of the Mayan Calendar. The new cycle we are embarking upon is being called "The Unity Wave". Below is an excellent article on this cycle, look under articles and click on March 9th, Unity Wave.

Gary Cone of the Cone Center for Living in Choice will be offering The Mayan Calendar Update: The Ninth Cycle on Sat Feb 26th from 10am to 2pm. Call 842 0695 for details.

I will be sharing my intuitive insights regarding the Unity Wave pattern at our next EveryPath Alliance meeting on February 22nd, 2011

If you have not RSVP'd and would like to attend, click below, and once on the page, click the button in the far right hand column which says "join us", then there is another button where you can RSVP.

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