Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sun Speaks

Monday, May 09, 2005
Sun Speaks

Greetings children

I am the sustainer and the father of life
I help create and support your sense of self
The radiance of my body is the light of love and power
My role is to provide energy and life force for your human design and
for the other life forms on your planet

I am a part of the grand design of the One Creator
I accept my role and live for the joy it brings to me
You too, hu-mans, are part of the Creator's plan
Your greatest joy in existence is found when you allow yourselves to be what you are intended to be
Within all of you is a voice which gives guidance and instruction about your life path
Let me help you to heed that voice

Come outside and bask in my/your radiance
I give energy and sustenance to the cells of your body
I bring joy and vitality to your spirit
Coded information is sent to you from my body, and received through your skin and eyes

There are those who say I am a danger
Not so my children

Use me in balance and you will find me to be a help to you

Some of you consume things into your magnificent bodies which are harmful
Foods, drugs, and other things which have no vitality
These create toxins in your bodies and cells, which react with my rays to accelerate illness

Keep you body cleansed of these toxins and my light will purify and heal you
15 to 45 minutes of my rays on your skin daily is healing and refreshing

All things created by the One God are Good
Be with me and allow me to remind you of this
You are created by the One God
Let me heal your sadness
Let me teach you of your strength and power
Let my light glow from within you

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