Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mercury and Uranus Retrograde, Sun Flares, Events at Terra Sun

Coronal Mass Ejections are at an all-time high! Have you been feeling frazzled and wound up? The Sun is emitting energy at an unprecedented rate. As these highly charged particles hit our planet, they stimulate our nervous system, fire up our mental activity, and create emotional turbulence. Check out this link about this month's Solar Flares The Sun is a benevolent being ,and were you aware that all of the planetary bodies in our solar system were created from the body of the Sun at the moment of it's Genesis? It is a small star, but, is the creator of our planetary system, and without it, nothing on Earth could exist. These Solar flares are downloads of higher frequency intelligent information concerning the consciousness evolution of humankind. Want to know more about this phenomena? Check out my channeled article from Sedona Journal of Emergence Magnetic Codes of Light, which you can find at the bottom of this email. This month, Mercury has been slowing down for the last two weeks, preparing for it's retrograde cycle on July 15th. Just two days before, Uranus halts in it's motion and goes retrograde until December 13th of this year. This aspect by Uranus gives an extra potency to the Mercury retrograde cycle. Mercury retrograde in Leo, allows us to clear out old programming which has to do with tyrants, bullies and naysayers who have held us back from our progress. Watch the global news during this time for stories of deposed dictators and severe censorship of those who are abusing power. With the Sun in family-oriented Cancer, this is a great time to exorcise the demons of childhood or past lives. This also applies to those inner voices which create thoughts of limitation and lack of power. Mercury stations to go direct on August 8th, and by the 22nd of August, we should be prepared to move forward with more personal empowerment and authority, especially on those projects which require our unique individual artistry. Check out our July events at Terra Sun! Sunday, July 15th Messengers from the Stars Join us at Terra Sun for a fun and fascinating exploration of the ET Phenomena. We will learn about the visitors from Andromeda, The Pleiades, Sirius, and many other inhabitants of our universe. Eileen will explain about our own connection to these star beings, In addition, we will explore the language of crop circles, and how they point to the mass consciousness shift of 2012. Learn how to decode the latest communications from otherworldly civilizations, and why they have chosen to use the crop circle technology as a means of transmitting messages. Find out what famous scientists and inventors communicated with ET intelligence, and why. Eileen will also provide information about the Walk-In experience, in addition to explaining the densities of existence, and how they relate to soul evolution in this world and others. Who are your space brethren? Do you have an extra terrestrial connection? Eileen will answer questions about your own ET heritage. You won't want to miss this exciting workshop! ------------------------------------------------------ Ghosts, Orbs, and Spirits Thursday, July 19th Everything you want to know about the phenomena of apparitions, spirits and hauntings is covered in this class. You will learn how to recognize the presence of a "visitor" and determine whether it is positive, negative or neutral. Find our where otherworldly beings are likely to gather, and why they are lingering in our world. Eileen will give practical step by step advice on how to cleanse any space of unwanted beings. She will also explain how to attract positive and protective helpers. A fascinating class for anyone interested in the subject of hauntings and visitors from other realms.

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