Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Sun's Role in Earth's Ascension and Shift

The sun is an intelligent, 7th density being of infinite love. 7th density consciousness is the last level of creation/awareness before we move into a higher octave of creation. the sun is the creator of our solar system. All planets in our system were created from the body of the sun during it's genesis. It is not masculine or feminine, as above 5th density, we become more and more androgynous. It is our local Creator, God and Logos, and from solar myths came the foundation of every major religion on this planet. Humans tend to assume that a planet or a star cannot have intelligence and consciousness. Planets and stars are thought of generally as inert balls of matter, gasses, or light. In fact, 3rd density human consciousness is much lower in power and intelligence than most other planetary bodies in our system. Just because a creation of God is not human, does not imply that is not aware, conscious, loving, intelligent. The earth itself, the sun's child, is suffering because it is in fourth density consciousness of love, while its inhabitants are of mostly third density consciousness of self interest. This causes the planet earth to suffer, because its body and vibrational field are at odds with the music of human consciousness. It is just like being in choir, and you are singing in tune, while all those around you are off key, this creates suffering and irritation. Sun is sending help to the Earth. The sun is sending coded light information in order to awaken as many humans as possible to their higher frequencies, to help its suffering child, the earth. We interpret this intervention as anger projected from the sun in the form of solar flares and solar wind, which disrupt our lives, interfering with satellites, power grids, temperature stability, etc. The disruption is necessary to bring about change, which is usually uncomfortable. The sun's gravitational and magnetic field completely surround our solar system. This is like an invisible and yet strong current of energy which is protective and nurturing. We are bathed in its emanations, and the more progressed and spiritually sensitive we become, the tuned we are to the sun's messages and rhythms. The sun is aware of it's childs*earths" progression into fourth density consciousness, and the increased solar flares are a symptom of its continuing work to send love and light directly to earth. Can you imagine a more efficient way to help a struggling planet, than just sending love and intelligence in the most efficient manner possible? Where we go when we die... In esoteric spirituality, it is known that we move through the inner part of the sun when we pass from this world, this is the light at the end of the tunnel, the loving and completely accepting energy that is felt in the next realm. The sun is depicted in mythology as an eye. This is because it was intuited that the sun was the overseer of it's children, and looks at us, it''s creation, as we look at it. The sun is the most evolved being in our solar system. All earthly and other planetary masters go through a sun initiation. This is simply a state of holy spiritual awareness in which one perceives their personal relationship with the sun, feeling the love it boundlessly sends to its creation. Merely sending back gratitude is all that is asked of us. Solar flares and winds are direct messages sent as electromagnetic and plasma waves. They make contact with the earth, and are absorbed and received by the planet. If you’ve been watching the space news recently, Earth has been bombarded with energy from round after round of sunspots and solar flares that have been creating intense electromagnetic storms. During late October and early November of 2003, for example, ten powerful solar flares kicked up extreme doses of X-rays and other radiation, along with slower-moving storms of charged particles. These gigantic eruptions were the largest ever recorded in our history. The magnetic clouds of plasma become 30 million miles wide by the time it reaches earth. These flares create solar winds that distorts the Earth’s magnetosphere, causing magnetic storms that can disrupt communications and navigational equipment, These solar winds distend the magnetosphere of the Earth and everything living on it. Some of this energy is strongly impacting Earth, hampering radio communications, forcing the FAA to divert airline traffic away from polar routes, which are exposed to higher radiation doses, and crippling two Japanese satellites. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station were forced to take cover multiple times in protected areas. Religion and Sun Many of the world's crucified god men have their traditional birthday on December 25th ("Christmas"). This is because the ancients recognized that (from an earthcentric perspective) the sun makes an annual descent southward until December 21st or 22nd, the winter solstice, when it stops moving southerly for three days and then starts to move northward again. During this time, the ancients declared that "God's sun" had "died" for three days and was "born again" on December 25th. So Xmas really is the Birthday of the SUN/SON in every way. The ancients realized quite abundantly that they needed the sun to return every day and that they would be in big trouble if the sun continued to move southward and did not stop and reverse its direction. Thus, these many different cultures celebrated the "sun of God's" birthday on December 25th. In reality, the sun "dies" for three days on December 22nd, the winter solstice, when it stops in its movement south, to be born again or resurrected on December 25th, when it resumes its movement north. For those three days it might be said the Sun is in the grave. In December, the Virgin, the constellation Virgo precedes sunrise and thus, "Behold, a Virgin shall bring forth the sun/son," would be part of the story in the heavens. Matthew literalized the story in his reaching back into Isaiah for a story about a young woman that had virtually nothing to with prophecy of a literal virgin birth or Jesus himself.

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