Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Question #4: Too Many Changes?

I would deeply appreciate an answer to a question that has plagued me for most of my life and still does because it has happened again. Why do i feel the need for so much change in my life? No sooner do i get settled somewhere, make my home look great, get to know folks, enjoy the area and then i feel the need to move on to somewhere else. (Needless to say this pattern also caused a lot of different jobs, not necessarily in the same field). Sometimes this has taken place in the same locale but other times i moved from one state to another. This is the case now. I feel the urgent need to sell our beautiful home, leave all my volunteer work and move back to my home state, live with my daughter and her husband until my husband and i can accumulate enough money to pay cash for a small house in that area to use until we die (which i feel is in the near future). Is it possible to know about one's own demise or that of a loved one? Would like your enlightment on these two subjects and so would my husband. He thinks i have a severe problem with stability and wants to know what to do to help me correct it. Thanks for your time and may you be continually blessed with your gifts and those things you desire.


I did check out your birth chart to get an idea of some of the patterns going on in your life.
I also used my intuition to feel out what issues may be at play here.

You have a very unusual grouping of planets in Gemini. Five planets altogether. This is a lot for one sign and indicates that you have a lot of lessons to learn from this energy.
Gemini is an air sign, which indicates a lot of mental activity. You like to talk and socialize, travel, and daydream. People with a lot of Gemini predominant in their charts tend to have issues with "staying the course", and "being grounded". With five planets lined up there, it would unnatural for you to want to stay in any one place for a length of time.

Also, you have Mars in Leo, which makes you bold and aggressive at times. You are convinced of your inner logic, when it shows itself. This is a strong energy which is hard to resist, especially when it urges you towards picking up stakes and moving on.

Without your exact birth time, it is difficult to be certain of where your moon is, but it most likely is in Taurus. This would give you a feeling of inner, and outer, conflict, with your restless nature. The moon is your emotions and Taurus is an earth sign. It wants to stay put and enjoy home and family. In fact, it rarely wants to leave the house.
So what you have is a deep disparity between your heart and your head. You may project this disparity onto your relationship with your husband. However, the conflict is actually within yourself.

As I scan some of your past life patterns, what I find are patterns of being "jailed" or "trapped" in circumstances beyond your control, usually at the hands of men.
Frequently, in other incarnations, you were victimized or martyred to relationships, and duties.
I see you as a servant/nun in a hermitage, where the monks are cared for by obedient and chaste women. You detested this existence, but were sent there by your father, and were not permitted to leave.
I see you in the cargo hold of a slaveship, a young teenage girl, dying of dysentery.
I see you in the time of Christ, a follower and believer, a healer, working with lepers, and becoming one yourself. Your friends turned on you and abandoned you, afraid of becoming lepers themselves. You were not allowed to leave the colony.
I see you as a harsh plantation owner in the deep South, keeping a tight rein on your "property", which meant everything to you.
I see you as a Jamaican Queen, leader of your people, organizing women to help them empower themselves. You were driven from your village when you became "too powerful."

Over and over again, your life path was determined by others.
Therefore, in this lifetime, you are driven to "call the shots." This is what makes you feel safe.

What I feel is your deepest to accept your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. And love yourself for them. Let others care for you, get close to you, and support you. Just for who you are, not for what you do.

The constant moving is a means of feeling in control, but also, just a part of who you are.

All these lives, and others, accumulate.......and with them, the karma that you must work out.

The good news is, most of it has been alleviated.

You, like many other lightworkers, designed a lifetime in which you could meet many of those with whom you had karmic entanglements and agreements. The idea was to balance these relationships and to sow seeds of forgiveness and healing.
In order for you to accomplish this, you had a lot of moving around to do. Many lessons to work out...many people to become re-acquainted with, as you are/were determined to progess as much as possible in this incarnation.

You may never be completely content here on earth. We form obligations to others here and must be willing to keep them. Your wanderlust is a part of your spirit and must be honored also. It has it's place, but cannot be allowed to run your life.

You have a marriage to maintain and I believe that you value it.
You must take into consideration your husband's need for stability.
It is not unreasonable for him to want to stay put at this stage in your lives.
Go deep within, and ask yourself the tough questions.
What will I really accomplish by moving?
How much does my marriage mean to me?

As for your second question, yes, I do believe sometimes we sense our own timetable here on earth.
I also believe, in your case, that your need to move is tied in with your fear of death.

Do a releasing ritual. If you don't know how, check out my website, there are one or two listed.
As for whether or not you should move at this time in your life, I don't know.
That really isn't the point, anyway.
This is coming up to allow you to clear the air with your husband, for you to move towards a better acceptance and understanding with each other.
This is a turning point in your marriage and a tremendous opportunity for healing.
I hope you will use it.

In love and service.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Re: Question #3: Intersection Points.

Hi Eileen,
Thank you for your prompt response to my quiery.

I guess my real issue is a fear of relationships.
While reading discription of L., I saw a mirror image of myself. I suppose that is why I liked him because in a way he was safe.
I do want to marry for need of intimacy but my independence is something I had not thought of releasing.

Since last Friday, I have experienced a feeling deep in my solar plexis that is filled with anxiety, stress, fear, and had no idea where this was coming from the break of relationship with L., or the spiritual. I sense Chaos all around me and have had a difficult time finding balance within myself. Yesterday, I felt perhaps the full moon or summer soltice. Could you shed light here?
You see to understand if the relationship was the cause I felt a need to explore that avenue first.


Hi P.

What you are experiencing at the solar plexus level is past life residue from this relationship.
You have been connected with him before, and spirit was/is using your interaction to assist you in clearing the way for what you truly want.

To clarify; We occasionally experience what I call " intersection points" in our lives, which correspond to certain events in past lives which we are attempting to clear. These points are
"hot buttons" that are activated when specific conditions occur which line up with dramas from our past incarnations. We re-experience similar emotional/physical circumstances which offer us the opportunity to cleanse, clarify, and forgive.

In this case, you experienced a past life with L. in which you were a careless husband who traded in fine linens and costly goods. L. was your wife in that lifetime, and felt neglected and unappreciated. There was a corresponding lifetime in which you were his daughter. He was a person of influence in a Jewish settlement where you lived. He was ashamed of you because you did not conform to the very orthodox beliefs and restrictions which governed your village. Eventually you were banished, and you never forgot, or forgave, the humiliation which this event caused. He did not try to prevent your banishment, and your unconscious attempts at controlling each other have been at work ever since.
Understand that now both of you have progressed beyond these circumstances, but are emotionally caught in these heavy feelings.

It is time to do a healing/releasing ritual here.

Choose a day when there are no distractions. Turn off phone, TV, etc.

Light a fire outside if possible. Have represented earth, air, and water, also. Air can be a feather or sword or knife. Earth is rocks, sand, etc. Water is self-explanatory. Ask the elements to help you in your quest to be free.
Prepare these objects around you, and seat yourself amongst them.
Call upon Spirit in whatever way is useful for you, but especially yours and his personal guides and higher selves.
Imagine that he is within the circle with you sitting opposite.
Ask his forgiveness for any harm that you have done him in this life or any other.
At this point if you have anything to say or apologize for, you should speak this out loud.
Then, forgive him for any harm which he may have brought to you in this life or others.
Ask that you may be mutually released from any further negative karma or interactions.
Be specific in this praying, let yourself feel whatever comes up, and speak to him as if he were in the room. Say, "I release and forgive you."
When you feel finished, ask Spirit to come forth and bless this relationship.
Ask that it be completely healed. Ask that he and you will be led unto your highest individual paths.
Ask that only the best and highest energies will henceforth be present between you in lives to come.
Thank your guides and his.

This is a very powerful ritual and can work wonders.

If further emotions come up, repeat this process until you feel clear.

It may take days, or a few weeks even to feel finished.

This is the great work which we are all compelled to do, to clear off the dross from unresolved dramas.

It opens the doorway to Spirit's Greatest Gifts.

In love and service.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Q #3: Relationship Ending


I met a man a couple of years ago. We have been dating for over a year without comitting to a set relationship.
Wednesday evening he came to the house to tell me he has been wanting to tell me for a long time that he met a woman , he would like to go out with and felt it important to tell me before he asked her.
My question is why, What happened.


Hi P.

After reading the background information which you sent on this relationship, I can advise you as to some possibilities.

My intuition tells me that this man is not dealing straight with you, nor with anyone.
He suffers from some deep-seated insecurities which do not allow him to develop strong attachments. He has feelings and emotions, but self-preservation is everything to him. Relationships do not feel like safe ground, therefore he will sabotage any attempts to become very intimate and close.

He wants to have his cake and eat it too, and you are not alone in being misled or deceived. He wants to be thought well of at all costs, so he will carry on with more than one person at a time, without letting on to anyone what is occurring.

On a spiritual level, he is trying in this incarnation to move to the heart chakra level of unconditional love. He works a lot with groups because this gives him opportunities to offer love to people regardless of their state of awareness. However, he has not been able to transfer this level of interaction to his one on one relationships, which he ends or retreats from if he feels that he is "getting in to deep".

It is helpful to know where he is coming from, but you need to focus on the lesson presented to you.
You have strong intimacy needs, and you also enjoy your independence. You need the freedom to come and go in a committed relationship. Be very clear with yourself at this point.

What exactly do you want in a relationship?

Love is available in a myriad of forms and varieties. This man does/did have feelings for you. However, he is not capable of the kind of relationship that you desire.
I sense that you have strong family feeling and a deep sense of responsibility for your loved ones.
I do suggest, however, that some of this is engineered to assist you in avoiding key discussions and situations in your relationships.

Pay attention to the timing of your family's needs, and notice if it doesn't coincide with parallel needs in your intimate relationships. Do they often seem to be at odds at the same time?
This is no accident. This is a safety valve for you that enables you to regain a sense of stability and safety, to take a retreat from moving into a deeper understanding with a partner.

This occurred so that you might take the opportunity to sort out what you are willing to give, and what you require, from an intimate relationship, and to decide what your priorities are. If your family comes first and foremost everytime, then be very clear about that.

If you want to be married, and only want to date marriage minded men, let the universe know.
It tunes in to your signals, conscious or unconscious, and gives you back a reflection of your deepest needs.

In love and service:


Realms of Light

Greetings from the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator:

Many lightworkers are now experiencing deep adjustments in their emotional bodies.
Residue from unresolved karma is being washed away at a rapid pace.
You will feel the need to retreat from the world and anchor yourself in your own beingness.

We are assisting in this process as much as possible.
If you find yourselves in the midst of unexpected emotional confusion and darkness, realize that we/you have set the intention to allow as much light as possible to be used and absorbed through your lightbody. This is accomplished by clearing the path, which is sometimes obstructed with old emotional debris. This is a good time for a crying spell or a good long soaking bath.

Many of you are being lifted from your human frames during sleep in order to receive information and adjustments. You may experience a rising or falling sensation during sleep. You may sense a feeling of height or distance from your body. These are all symptoms of the work being accomplished.

In specific, you are being removed to places of remembrance and healing. You are being given the opportunity to view your blueprint for your incarnations here, and to review where you are in relation to this. Adjustments are being made to the pineal gland to assist this process.
Some of you may experience this as flashes of light, or, as being in an environment which is suffused with a brilliant glowing iridiscence. You may hear sounds, or voices calling your name.

The use of quart crystals placed around or under the sleeping area is helpful to ground and balance your energy bodies. Choose a geometric pattern such as the pyramid or five-pointed star.

Work with meditations which balance the chakras. Yoga and Tai Chi are also specifically helpful right now.

Some of you who have been feeling a sense of spiritual intensity will begin working in new areas. Some of you will begin to channel, while others will have an increase in psychic sensitivity due to the activation of the pineal gland.

Many of you have had the sensation of "something coming". Indeed the planetary adjustments are to be increased dramatically, but this is necessary and beneficial. It portends the opening of the floodgates of light, as the vacuum created by catastrophic events acts as a portal for high frequencies of light to infuse the human race.

You may call upon us to in prayer and meditation. We are given the honor/responsibility to assist in whatever way we can.

In these times, those of Awareness are to act as guides and wayshowers. Forget not your role, and blessings be upon you.


The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator

Monday, June 13, 2005

Soul Cleansing

We greet you

We are the old ones, ancient of days, the grandfathers.
What is laid before you now is an opportunity for deep spiritual cleansing.
There are doorways open now for the next five days, doorways which offer the chance for great change.
Many of you have old wounds of the soul which need healing.

Healers, helpers, lightbringers, listen.
We are here to give our aid.
We have walked this Earth too.
We have seen it's sorrows and burdens.
We know of it's weary toils.
We remain as the old voice of wisdom.

Obtain a gem or rock which is of your liking.
Tigers Eye

In times of quiet or prayer
Place this rock or tape it onto the solar plexus.
Breathe in and out through the belly.
Ask your power animals, higher self, Mother/Father/God, and especially, the rock elementals to assist you in cleansing deep wounds.
These centralize in the human aura around the solar plexus area.
As you breathe in, ask the powers of the Earth and of the Divine to remove and dissolve all emotional knots, wounds, and toxins.
As you breathe out, see heavy energies being released.
Ask the Holy Spirit to use the rock to cleanse and remove all darkness.
Use this ritual once daily at the same time until you feel finished.
When you feel finished with this cleansing.
Move to the second stage of this process.

Obtain a quartz rock of clarity.
The size is unimportant.
Place or tape the rock over the third eye(slightly above and in between the eyes).
In meditation or prayer, ask the space created by the cleansing be filled with light and intelligence.
Ask that any spiritual gifts or understandings which have been dormant be now opened and released.
Ask the Holy Spirit to move through the rock and open this doorway.
Give thanks for the help given.
This process may take one session or many.
Judge this according to your own inner guidance.

It is good to write, to keep a journal during this time.
You will dream vividly and strongly.
You will receive answers to old questions and you will discover new avenues of service.

We watch your progress.
You are loved and guided.

The Grandfathers