Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Realms of Light

Greetings from the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator:

Many lightworkers are now experiencing deep adjustments in their emotional bodies.
Residue from unresolved karma is being washed away at a rapid pace.
You will feel the need to retreat from the world and anchor yourself in your own beingness.

We are assisting in this process as much as possible.
If you find yourselves in the midst of unexpected emotional confusion and darkness, realize that we/you have set the intention to allow as much light as possible to be used and absorbed through your lightbody. This is accomplished by clearing the path, which is sometimes obstructed with old emotional debris. This is a good time for a crying spell or a good long soaking bath.

Many of you are being lifted from your human frames during sleep in order to receive information and adjustments. You may experience a rising or falling sensation during sleep. You may sense a feeling of height or distance from your body. These are all symptoms of the work being accomplished.

In specific, you are being removed to places of remembrance and healing. You are being given the opportunity to view your blueprint for your incarnations here, and to review where you are in relation to this. Adjustments are being made to the pineal gland to assist this process.
Some of you may experience this as flashes of light, or, as being in an environment which is suffused with a brilliant glowing iridiscence. You may hear sounds, or voices calling your name.

The use of quart crystals placed around or under the sleeping area is helpful to ground and balance your energy bodies. Choose a geometric pattern such as the pyramid or five-pointed star.

Work with meditations which balance the chakras. Yoga and Tai Chi are also specifically helpful right now.

Some of you who have been feeling a sense of spiritual intensity will begin working in new areas. Some of you will begin to channel, while others will have an increase in psychic sensitivity due to the activation of the pineal gland.

Many of you have had the sensation of "something coming". Indeed the planetary adjustments are to be increased dramatically, but this is necessary and beneficial. It portends the opening of the floodgates of light, as the vacuum created by catastrophic events acts as a portal for high frequencies of light to infuse the human race.

You may call upon us to in prayer and meditation. We are given the honor/responsibility to assist in whatever way we can.

In these times, those of Awareness are to act as guides and wayshowers. Forget not your role, and blessings be upon you.


The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator

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