Monday, June 13, 2005

Soul Cleansing

We greet you

We are the old ones, ancient of days, the grandfathers.
What is laid before you now is an opportunity for deep spiritual cleansing.
There are doorways open now for the next five days, doorways which offer the chance for great change.
Many of you have old wounds of the soul which need healing.

Healers, helpers, lightbringers, listen.
We are here to give our aid.
We have walked this Earth too.
We have seen it's sorrows and burdens.
We know of it's weary toils.
We remain as the old voice of wisdom.

Obtain a gem or rock which is of your liking.
Tigers Eye

In times of quiet or prayer
Place this rock or tape it onto the solar plexus.
Breathe in and out through the belly.
Ask your power animals, higher self, Mother/Father/God, and especially, the rock elementals to assist you in cleansing deep wounds.
These centralize in the human aura around the solar plexus area.
As you breathe in, ask the powers of the Earth and of the Divine to remove and dissolve all emotional knots, wounds, and toxins.
As you breathe out, see heavy energies being released.
Ask the Holy Spirit to use the rock to cleanse and remove all darkness.
Use this ritual once daily at the same time until you feel finished.
When you feel finished with this cleansing.
Move to the second stage of this process.

Obtain a quartz rock of clarity.
The size is unimportant.
Place or tape the rock over the third eye(slightly above and in between the eyes).
In meditation or prayer, ask the space created by the cleansing be filled with light and intelligence.
Ask that any spiritual gifts or understandings which have been dormant be now opened and released.
Ask the Holy Spirit to move through the rock and open this doorway.
Give thanks for the help given.
This process may take one session or many.
Judge this according to your own inner guidance.

It is good to write, to keep a journal during this time.
You will dream vividly and strongly.
You will receive answers to old questions and you will discover new avenues of service.

We watch your progress.
You are loved and guided.

The Grandfathers

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