Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekly Global Meditation

Galacticnewsflash has teamed up with to begin weekly global meditations.
I am reprinting below the channeled message from Ra which inspired the creation of Lovevibe. This message was received from an intelligence called The Dimensional Weavers, through Ra.
Please tune in every Sunday to join with us as we visualize a different symbol of unity each week.

The Dimensional Weavers through Ra

We are the creators of what you term wormholes between realms.
We use thought and intent to create structures on all levels of reality.
We are the dimensional weavers.
We are a malleable essence of adaptability and invisibility.
We have never communicated with humans.Selfhood is our work translator.
We wish to address those whose inner calling choose toground information in certain geographical areaswith particles of divine truth and love.
This is the completion of one cycle.
To those who engage in this completion of one cycle,and geographically impregnate with light,from the formula of love and intention and for creating material reality.
Becoming self-aware and finding resonant frequency in your geographic areas creates a unified construct experience to use when the cycle is complete and unification of forces serve to move that planet.
Turn attention of groups toward each other so they may weave too, the new fabric of consciousness they choose.
Each has a part of the quilt of higher consciousness.
Time together will form unification.
There are suitable symbols in major religion constructs.
Choose those symbols infused with truth that resonate for you.
We advocate those [symbols] easily accessible to mind /spirit.
Of those we suggest, focus and meditate at regular times upon chosen constructs.
We suggest eye of Horus, rose, sacred heart, divine Mother, merkaba.
Consciousness can use love and color,that will improve the form to carry them.
Six pointed star, 3 pointed triangle, flower of life. Kabala are all good vehicles.
Choose those that resonate to mathematical energies to reach cohesion through a special time set aside for spiritual symbols.
Chant simple invocations with thought form of oneness.
Lightworkers should move away from thoughts of danger,thoughts of rescue or pick up.
Lightworkers light up resonant field.
Electric and magnetic wiring of earth is accomplished.
You can now create a mechanism of special force to plug into the new grid and weave the new reality.
As you can read, the Dimensional Weavers suggest that existing spiritual and meditation groups and individuals align and combine their focus. This is the intention of the LoveVibe weekly sunday meditation.
As there is no emphasis towards or away from any existing meditation technique, the Weavers suggest to use general 'constructs' that everybody across the world can connect to, such as the rose.
The Weavers mention the following symbols:(see website for image gallery)Eye of HorusRoseSacred heartDivine MotherMerkabaSix pointed starTriangleFlower of lifeKabala
Each symbol supported by love, color, sound, music, incantation.
The 9 symbols mentioned by the Weavers will be the themes for the first 9 global LoveVibe meditations, from Sunday August 23 until Sunday October 18, 2009. Every symbols will be introduced on this blog in the week prior to the meditation.
Please remember, the purpose is connection, so if you do not resonate with a given symbol, then feel free to choose your own.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Ancestor's Prayer

This prayer is to be used individually or for groups.
It is designed to be read aloud before ritual or ceremony.
It opens and activates deep cellular memory within the human energy bodies, and also within the core Earth memories.
Please share this with others, it carries much spiritual power.

In unity and with the utmost desire for peace in this and all other worlds
we call to You, those who on the higher realms of light assist with the birthing of our planet into it's new dawn and
those Spirits of the Earth which call to us from the days of old
Hear our voices and read the utmost desire of our hearts, as we ask that you lend your aid to our circle today
We are now at the appointed time, when those of all the natural peoples may return from their slumber, and rise to meet us in our efforts to heal
all Holy Ones of old, ancient Souls of Light who have guided the earth for infinite generations, in silence and in waiting
we call to you now and ask that you return from your long absence
once again you are needed at the prayer circle and the council fires
we who have long awaited your return implore you to come unto us here and now
Today we honor and give thanks to you for your long service, for your loving and selfless
actions which have preserved our race all over the world
Though we have too long neglected to acknowledge you, today we come with a plea from our souls
We ask that you once again inhabit our realms and walk with us
Rise from the depths of the earth where you have worked to strengthen our planet's structure
Return from the Council fires in the sky, and speed unto us as those who are ready to receive you
We offer ourselves as empty vessels for your divine purpose
Living Showers of your Fiery Spirit breathe into us now, into our being, so that we may be strengthened by your resolve, and healed by your warmth.
Let our hearts and minds be infused with your deep intent
Let us be the living instrument through which you have life and being
Renew us with your life-giving wisdom, so that we can take our place with you as servants of all
We remain in eternal gratitude for your selfless works
and ask that you bless us from this day forward
to become like you true stewards of the Earth

And now we call upon, each of us
from deep within our cells
within the memories of our body, our family lineage, our ancestral tree
those ancient souls who have walked this walk with us
who have cried our tears and shared our burdens
who have strengthened us when our hope was gone and our hearts in despair
we draw forth together now from the same well
and ask that the light of your wisdom come alive in our eyes
that the graceful lessons of your journey lighten our load
that our souls merge in joyful intent
as we embody your body and breathe into this life the best of our heritage
may we use it well to bless others on the way
and sanctify our steps so that we may achieve for you our ancestors, for our generation, and for our children and their children
the everflowing awareness of the renewing river of life
and the healing presence which permeates all
and the perfection of all that we have been, are, and will be
And so it is