Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Deja-Vu Again: Using Your Past Lives to Change the Present

Are you having trouble ending a difficult or emotionally draining relationship?
Does the man you recently met seem strangely familiar?
Do you have a persistent phobia or fear which you cannot resolve?
Have you ever had a recurring dream which does not relate at all to your present circumstances?

If so, you may be experiencing the effects of a past life.

Within our subconscious, or some would say our soul, we have stored memories and emotional wounds which are remainders from our past lives. Painful occurrences from our past lives can affect our present and future lives.

How does this work?

Unresolved or unhealed traumas are not automatically released at death. Whenever we experience a difficult or emotionally dramatic situation, we are given the opportunity to respond to it in an appropriate manner. The experience is given as a means to help the soul to grow and expand in its' awareness and wholeness. This is the one and only purpose for traumatic events.
Sometimes we are unable to resolve a trauma within the span of one lifetime. In this context, it can be offered again in a future life when we may be better equipped to handle it, or when we have chosen to deal with it. Lessons are repeated until they are learned.

As evolving souls reaching for greater awareness, compassion, and service to others, we choose those lessons which will most easily and gracefully allow us to grow. Different lifetimes will have different points of emphasis, for example, one may choose a lifetime of physical disability or illness in order to galvanize the will, or to learn to focus more on mental and spiritual pursuits. Another example would be a person who had a previous lifetime of riches and luxury, but who abused the power inherent in their position of authority, and harmed others through greed or ruthlessness. To balance this, they might choose a life in which they suffered from poverty and deprivation.

This is karma in action, and we are all responsible for ALL of our actions, all the time. Each action has a reaction, and all accounts ultimately are balanced. This is the law and the way of the Universe, which is divinely intelligent and compassionate.

If you feel that someone has done you a disservice, or been dramatically hateful or unfair, you may find the cause in a previous existence, in which you may have through ignorance, and perhaps even unknowingly, inflicted the exact same level and type of pain which you are now experiencing.

So how do we resolve these issues?

That will be covered in Part Two tomorrow.

What is Channelling?

Channelling is a process by which information is obtained from sources other than the medium or channel themselves. It involves psychic ability which is usually developed over a period of lifetimes. Some people with this gift may have other intuitive abilities also.
Normally the person will enter a trance state, which can be very light or very deep. Most channels eventually train themselves to go under. In this state of heightened awareness, the medium picks up information from other entities. This is translated into words and gestures.
Some channels specialize in just one or two main guides or entities which they use repeatedly and are comfortable with. For example Jane Roberts' Seth was her main entity which she channelled. In this case through Jane, Seth created several books on psychic phenomena and the nature of reality. She also, through Seth, led many group classes on individual psychic development.
Some channels offer spiritual counseling through the use of such personal sessions. In this setting, the medium will access either his or her own personal guides or higher beings, or will reach those which are connected to the client. All kinds of beings can be channelled, from earth devas to your pet cat, extra-terrestrials, angelic beings, Mother Mary, even rivers, streams, trees, and dead relatives can be accessed, depending upon the range of the channel.
How does this work, exactly? There is a portion of the brain known as the pineal gland, this is the doorway through which unlimited psychic regions are reached. Many channels will tell you that they have a sensation of pressure or heaviness in their head as they are going in to trance. This is their signal that they are "hooking up" with the entities who wish to speak.
Surprisingly, on occasion a channel will access an entity who is non-verbal. In this case, frequently an "interpreter" is found in spirit who can assist in helping speak for the non-verbal energy.
No two channelling sessions are ever the same, as each individual has their own issues and questions. No query is off-limits for the guides, however it helps to prepare a list beforehand of what areas you want to cover. People may have relationship issues, past life questions, health problems, or career questions. Frequently they want to speak to someone who has passed on.
Channelling is very exciting, it is a beautiful and unique art form, and very helpful for finding information that may not be obtainable in any other way.