Friday, May 27, 2005

Message from Mary

Hail to you, dearly beloved;

So many appeal to me for help in assuaging the anguish of earthly woes and existence.
Many messages and prophecies have been given which describe possible fearful events in your near future.
Children of God, do not lend your ear or your attention to cheerless prophecy.
In so doing, you only increase the burden of the Earth.
As bringers of light, it is your joyful task to comfort, uplift and inspire.

Please do not spread anxious conjecture, but rather, focus and dwell upon your picture of the Earth Renewed. Each of you has a seed, a gift of vision which contains a Truth about the age of peace you are shortly to enter.
Draw this forth from within, and in whatever way you can, share this with others.

Turn off the visions of violence and ill-will which come from your media.
Turn away from messages of gloom.
Focus only on what is right, healing, and good.

Every day all of you witness miracles great and small.
These should be our daily focus.
Thankfulness, and joyful activity in the service of Peace.

In the House of Peace are many rooms waiting to be filled with your presence.
Prepare yourself, as no one knows the hour the Bridegroom cometh.
Would we be anxious and fearful in the presence of the Lord?
In the house of the Father would we not celebrate?

Rejoice then.
The days are at hand.

The peace of God be with you.
The Eternal Mother.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Shift Part Two

Greetings from a Messenger of Mercury;

Hail to those who come as Travelers. Wanderers. Speakers. Lightworkers.
The time is now to acknowledge your role and remember yourself.

Some of you came specifically to ground your frequency to support the new framework.
Earth has shifted in her seat, and is providing an opportunity to make the current adjustments easier.

As the information we spoke of is grounded into your chakras and through to the heart of the Earth, you are setting up the harmonic grid to support the 4th dimensional energies which are already present and ready to be assimilated.

This can be likened to constructing an upper floor to your house, you are laying the beams and connecting the structure together.

In so doing, you ease the burden of the Earth as she labors to throw off the dross of inharmonious thought forms.

Many strange, wonderful, mystical, unusual scenes will be witnessed in your skies in the next 18 months. Especially notice the areas of Mt. Shasta, the Himalayas, South America, and the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

Some of the highest echelon of world leadership will suddenly change their political course. This will be due to a series of "walk-in" experiences which have been pre-arranged for specific purposes.

These events are meant to spur, awaken, and inspire any who still sleep.

Know that the hosts of heaven are here as witness and help.

You are entering the "time of times", when events will speed up greatly, and confusion will be experienced by many.

Also recognize that you, as lightworkers, are not here to "escape" or be "lifted off" . You chose to be here to assist and be way-showers. Your courage and groundedness are needed now.

In group meditations, energies will be poured through you to assist in the flow of the higher cosmic currents which are now engulfing your planet.

As much as possible, become one with each other in intent. Connect with other groups for mutual coordinated service.

Messengers of Mercury in Service to the One Creator.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005



We are messengers of Light who hail from the planet you call Mercury.
We are contacting various groups and beings who dwell on Earth in order to apprise them of an upcoming energy shift.

So as was foretold, the mystery centers located in Egypt, especially underneath the Sphinx, are being opened and translated.
This event/events has/is creating a portal of information which is being released in to your atmosphere.
This can be imagined as an energetic cloud containing codes and activation keys. It has been sent forth into the etheric web surrounding your planet.
It contains information both personal and planetary.

This is especially important for those who resonate with the Egyptian mystery schools, Ra, the Order of Melchizedek, the Flower of Life, the Letters of Fire, the Kabbalah.

Call upon your guides, higher self, and other-planetary helpers to assist you in downloading the key information which concerns your highest destiny.

This etheric web of energy which was stored under certain monuments in Egypt, has now been released from it's confinement and is seeking grounding.

Groups of light in service to the One Creator are now called upon to receive this energy in meditations and prayer.

Let it pass from the highest chakra centers through the energy body and into the root chakra.
From there visualize it moving to the heart of the Earth.

There are helpers present in the Etheric body of your planet, groups of other- planetary beings, who are assisting in this project.

The greatest window of opportunity for this is June 1 thru November 11 of 2005.

We thank those hu-mans who already have awareness of this event, and are undertaking to do their part.

Messengers of Mercury
In service to the One Creator.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Group Meditation

I have been asked by spirit to begin a monthly meditation/prayer/ritual/channelling/meeting.
The first will be held on June 12, 2005, at 1:30pm.
I have been asked to call this group the Mother Mary circle.
I am receiving communications from her which ask me to establish a group here in Bethany in order to ground spiritual energies and to assist her by lending our support.
For directions to Eileen's house or other questions, email at


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Question 2

Hello Eileen

I have been seriously pondering having another baby. I have one son thatI homeschool and was not planning on another pregnancy...but I keep having dreams about having a baby and when I wake up I feel she is missing. Is there another child in my future, waiting for me to allow her into our lives? Peace & Light, Marcie


Hello Marcie

I sense a aura of fertility around you. Frequently beings who wish to incarnate with us will begin introducting themselves through dreams, visions, and what I call baby cravings.
This particular being is extremely sensitive.
She is also very focused and driven. She has a specific task that she wishes to accomplish here on Earth.
We make karmic contracts with others to serve as parent.
It is up to you to determine if you have made such a contract with this being, and if so, if you can support that agreement.
These contracts are not iron-clad, they can be flexible as circumstances may require.
This one is extremely connected to the entity it chooses as father.
I suggest that you sit quietly and have a few "conversations" with this being.
You already know each other from other existences. If you find this difficult, ask very specific questions before going to bed at night, and ask that the answers be given in sleep.
I suggest keeping a dream journal for a while, and notice the information that comes through. Even if it seems unconnected, I believe you may see a pattern as time goes on.
Give yourself time, and take precautions until you have made your decision.



Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Hello, Eileen,

Three months ago I closed a store/cafe that I owned because I ran out of money to continue. The money situation, since then, has been tenuous, as has just about every other area of my life.

I seem to be either depressed, guilty, or angry at myself much of the time, although I feel that I'm moving up the emotional ladder somewhat to acceptance of "what is" and am working steadily on picking up the pieces and going on with my life.
At this juncture, I seem to spend far too much time in some kind of a neutral space - not happy or sad, just resigned. I've really been in this space for over a year (ever since I realized that the store was more or less doomed), and I can't seem to pull myself out.

Can you offer suggestions or help?

Thank you



Hi Peggy

I am sorry about the loss of your business.
What I sense is that you have unfinished work over this.

It is time to do a releasing ritual.
First, sit down and turn off the phone, tv, and all distractions.
Write everything that you feel about the loss of your business. Not what you think, don't analyze it. Put your emotions about this experience down on paper.
Read it aloud to yourself, and cry if you feel....or yell..or whatever feels natural.

When you feel finished with that, it is time to let yourself off the hook.
You didn't fail. You had an experience at running a business. It was a valuable experience. It taught you a lot about yourself, your strengths, and your limitations.
Write down everything you learned about this. Congratulate yourself for having the courage to do it.

Take your papers that you journaled with and burn them. Watch them go up in smoke.
Let go.

Take your time with this process. It may take few hours, a few days, or a week. Give yourself all the time that you need.

You have left an opening for wonderful things in your life.
When you let something go, you give yourself the opportunity to bring in something new.
What exactly, would you like that to be?
See it, in detail.
Every day, sit for a few minutes and focus on your new vision.
See yourself happy and moving forward.

The universe brings you more of what you are fascinated with.
Ask, and you shall receive.
Seek, and you shall find.
Knock, and it shall be opened.



Monday, May 09, 2005

Sun Speaks

Greetings children

I am the sustainer and the father of life
I help create and support your sense of self
The radiance of my body is the light of love and power
My role is to provide energy and life force for your human design and
for the other life forms on your planet

I am a part of the grand design of the One Creator
I accept my role and live for the joy it brings to me
You too, hu-mans, are part of the Creator's plan
Your greatest joy in existence is found when you allow yourselves to be what you are intended to be
Within all of you is a voice which gives guidance and instruction about your life path
Let me help you to heed that voice

Come outside and bask in my/your radiance
I give energy and sustenance to the cells of your body
I bring joy and vitality to your spirit
Coded information is sent to you from my body, and received through your skin and eyes

There are those who say I am a danger
Not so my children

Use me in balance and you will find me to be a help to you

Some of you consume things into your magnificent bodies which are harmful
Foods, drugs, and other things which have no vitality
These create toxins in your bodies and cells, which react with my rays to accelerate illness

Keep you body cleansed of these toxins and my light will purify and heal you
15 to 45 minutes of my rays on your skin daily is healing and refreshing

All things created by the One God are Good
Be with me and allow me to remind you of this
You are created by the One God
Let me heal your sadness
Let me teach you of your strength and power
Let my light glow from within you