Wednesday, May 25, 2005



We are messengers of Light who hail from the planet you call Mercury.
We are contacting various groups and beings who dwell on Earth in order to apprise them of an upcoming energy shift.

So as was foretold, the mystery centers located in Egypt, especially underneath the Sphinx, are being opened and translated.
This event/events has/is creating a portal of information which is being released in to your atmosphere.
This can be imagined as an energetic cloud containing codes and activation keys. It has been sent forth into the etheric web surrounding your planet.
It contains information both personal and planetary.

This is especially important for those who resonate with the Egyptian mystery schools, Ra, the Order of Melchizedek, the Flower of Life, the Letters of Fire, the Kabbalah.

Call upon your guides, higher self, and other-planetary helpers to assist you in downloading the key information which concerns your highest destiny.

This etheric web of energy which was stored under certain monuments in Egypt, has now been released from it's confinement and is seeking grounding.

Groups of light in service to the One Creator are now called upon to receive this energy in meditations and prayer.

Let it pass from the highest chakra centers through the energy body and into the root chakra.
From there visualize it moving to the heart of the Earth.

There are helpers present in the Etheric body of your planet, groups of other- planetary beings, who are assisting in this project.

The greatest window of opportunity for this is June 1 thru November 11 of 2005.

We thank those hu-mans who already have awareness of this event, and are undertaking to do their part.

Messengers of Mercury
In service to the One Creator.

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