Thursday, May 12, 2005

Question 2

Hello Eileen

I have been seriously pondering having another baby. I have one son thatI homeschool and was not planning on another pregnancy...but I keep having dreams about having a baby and when I wake up I feel she is missing. Is there another child in my future, waiting for me to allow her into our lives? Peace & Light, Marcie


Hello Marcie

I sense a aura of fertility around you. Frequently beings who wish to incarnate with us will begin introducting themselves through dreams, visions, and what I call baby cravings.
This particular being is extremely sensitive.
She is also very focused and driven. She has a specific task that she wishes to accomplish here on Earth.
We make karmic contracts with others to serve as parent.
It is up to you to determine if you have made such a contract with this being, and if so, if you can support that agreement.
These contracts are not iron-clad, they can be flexible as circumstances may require.
This one is extremely connected to the entity it chooses as father.
I suggest that you sit quietly and have a few "conversations" with this being.
You already know each other from other existences. If you find this difficult, ask very specific questions before going to bed at night, and ask that the answers be given in sleep.
I suggest keeping a dream journal for a while, and notice the information that comes through. Even if it seems unconnected, I believe you may see a pattern as time goes on.
Give yourself time, and take precautions until you have made your decision.



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