Thursday, May 26, 2005

Shift Part Two

Greetings from a Messenger of Mercury;

Hail to those who come as Travelers. Wanderers. Speakers. Lightworkers.
The time is now to acknowledge your role and remember yourself.

Some of you came specifically to ground your frequency to support the new framework.
Earth has shifted in her seat, and is providing an opportunity to make the current adjustments easier.

As the information we spoke of is grounded into your chakras and through to the heart of the Earth, you are setting up the harmonic grid to support the 4th dimensional energies which are already present and ready to be assimilated.

This can be likened to constructing an upper floor to your house, you are laying the beams and connecting the structure together.

In so doing, you ease the burden of the Earth as she labors to throw off the dross of inharmonious thought forms.

Many strange, wonderful, mystical, unusual scenes will be witnessed in your skies in the next 18 months. Especially notice the areas of Mt. Shasta, the Himalayas, South America, and the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

Some of the highest echelon of world leadership will suddenly change their political course. This will be due to a series of "walk-in" experiences which have been pre-arranged for specific purposes.

These events are meant to spur, awaken, and inspire any who still sleep.

Know that the hosts of heaven are here as witness and help.

You are entering the "time of times", when events will speed up greatly, and confusion will be experienced by many.

Also recognize that you, as lightworkers, are not here to "escape" or be "lifted off" . You chose to be here to assist and be way-showers. Your courage and groundedness are needed now.

In group meditations, energies will be poured through you to assist in the flow of the higher cosmic currents which are now engulfing your planet.

As much as possible, become one with each other in intent. Connect with other groups for mutual coordinated service.

Messengers of Mercury in Service to the One Creator.

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