Saturday, August 11, 2012

Life Before Life: Reincarnation and Your Pre-Lifetime Plan

Join us at Terra Sun on Sunday, August 26th for an in depth look at your soul's journey in this lifetime. Have you ever wondered how you chose your parents? Your friends? Your romantic partners? Are all choices in life pre-destined? How much free will do we actually have? Before each life on Earth, we have a planning session in which we choose the main lessons of this incarnation. We meet with our Soul Group of Origin and have a strategy session in which we coordinate our efforts and learn to use our human expression in the best possible way. In this workshop, we will explore each aspect of reincarnational planning, and how it affects every moment which you live. Eileen will explain and map that various stages of Earth School Lifetime Planning, including; Signs and Symbols given by our Personal Guides. The Akashic Records Library where your soul's history is stored. Body choices, gender, and how we decide on our appearance and form. Karmic Tests and how to navigate them. Earth School and why you chose to come here. Your Council of Elders and the After-Life Review. There will be a question and answer period in which you may ask about any aspect of your Pre-Lifetime process. This is a one of a kind presentation, so book your spot early. Workshop limited to 20 participants.

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