Sunday, July 22, 2012

Aurora, Million Mom March, Republican Patriarchy

Solar maximum with intense flares, Uranus square Pluto, and the Venus Conjunction with the Sun earlier this year, all of these astrological events are impacting the electromagnetic field of the Earth quite heavily right now, and stirring up deeply buried issues in the collective subconscious which will require immediate attention. Due to the current cycle of intense activity, the Sun is emitting bursts of charged particles which affect all of us, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Solar maximum stirs the subconscious, particularly in those who are already unbalanced, to create drama, take extreme chances, grandstand, and in general create violence and chaos. The tragedy in Aurora is not an isolated event, merely an indication of a trend that will increase in intensity as the year unfolds. Moving into the Sun in Leo in just a few days, emotional volatility on the part of unstable individuals will only worsen. Egomaniacs of every type will try and grab the spotlight and media attention any way that they can. Politically, the two major parties will continue to polarize more strongly, as the Republican Patriarchy desperately clings to old patterns of repression and control, while the Democrats move patiently onward toward the creation of a kinder and gentler society. Socially, old wounds and issues between men and women will continue to make the news, and look for surprising revelations and long buried secrets that will dramatically alter the outcome of the US presidential election. These "secrets" will unearth themselves at pivotal moments during the campaigning, and will unavoidably create a continuous and inescapable dialogue about the self destructive path of the Republican Party in the United States. As the Earth purges itself of eons of patriarchy, the divine feminine and the wounded masculine will encounter each other repeatedly through dramatic actions both personal and collective, as the Earth attempts to balance the masculine/feminine polarity. This all looks and sounds very bad. However, it is actually a sign that we are moving in the right direction. The outrage and pain that are felt as a result of the horror of what occurred in Aurora are meant to catalyze us into action as a society. Particularly this year, women will be called upon to join together in creating new alliances with one another to bring about a refocusing of priorities in our society on every level. Many years ago, a movement began in our country, called the Million Mom March. Events were held nationwide to draw attention to the gun possession and safety laws in the US. I felt a calling to be part of this, so I organized a Million Mom March at Lake Hefner to support those who were working to change the gun safety laws in Oklahoma. I spent some time lobbying for these issues at the Capitol, and came away feeling that the time for change on these issues was not yet at hand. I hope the time is right now. On New Year's Day this year, my daughter in law, Jenny, was killed by her husband, shot in the chest at point blank range. His reason? He "snapped". They were having an argument which they had had many times before about his habit of leaving guns lying around in the house in plain sight, fully loaded. They had two children, ages 5 and 16, who were in the home when their mother was killed by their father. Her funeral was held at the church where she and her husband had taken their marriage vows. Would Jenny still be living today, raising her children, caring for patients as a registered nurse, if there were not a gun in the home? Most likely, yes. I urge everyone to support those who are working for more stringent gun safety laws. Please, get involved in whatever way you can. The time is now.

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