Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mars-Saturn Opposition

Hello Friends,
Feeling a bit stressed or frustrated? We have a potent Mars Saturn opposition occurring, and we get the triple whammy as Mercury is retrograde, and the moody Moon is in Scorpio.
Many are experiencing very deep emotional blockages and feelings of frustration and powerlessness.
This potent alignment is meant to dredge up deep seated karma which is ready to be cleared.
It is an excellent time for a retreat from the world, a long soaking bath with lavendar oil and salt, or losing oneself in a mystery novel. It is a very bad time to initiate projects or sign papers.
However, diligence and patience at this time will bear fruit, as we are asked to persevere and accomplish what we can, knowing that we are experiencing psychic "weather" which will soon pass.
Allow yourself to feel and emote, so that long-buried issues may be aired and released.
Bright Blessings,
Eileen Hetherington

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