Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans: Mother Mary Speaks

Greetings and Blessings children:

Peace be with you.
Still your hearts and minds and ponder my words.

All in heaven and earth is given by the Father, who sent the elements of water and wind to cleanse the Heart and Soul of this country.

Pray, for this is the First Sign.

Please, teach your fellow man the responsibility of governing his thoughts and feelings.
The accumulated mass of negative energies could no longer be controlled, and did create this happening.

No longer can man be saved from the consequences of his negative thoughts. You have moved into a time of cleansing in which thought forms, whether positive or negative, will much more quickly and strongly translate into outward effects.

The City which is now sorrowing was crying out for salvation.
Those who there dwell are being given the opportunity to determine what is essential to the Soul.
It shall become a place reborn.
A mecca of spiritual transformation.
A cleansing revival of the spirit shall/has begun.

Watch, and learn.

Archangel Michael was released with his legion of angels, to boldly and decisively act in order to save the soul of this city.
If the leaders and citizens there respond to the spiritual impulses created by the waters....the angels will take hold there and infuse their love and grace into those ready to receive.
It is a grand Baptism.

Pray that the Holy Spirit may do it's work there.
Pray that the angels might step through this opening and accomplish their task of salvation.

In Peace.

Mother Mary

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