Saturday, August 20, 2005

Clarifying Relationships

Greetings from the higher vibrations of Venus:

We offer to you on Earth our energies for the clarification of relationships.
Currently as a planetary entity we are moving through a transit which offers a challenge to all of your ties and alliances.
The energies of our planet now give you the opportunity to establish new ground in communications with family, friends, business acquaintances, and love relationships.
Now is the time to clean out the closet, so to speak, and declare any unsaid truths that you have neglected to communicate.

In love relationships, now is the time to completely forgive and release any lingering resentments. If you have past relationships which don't feel finished, now is the time to do the work of releasing and forgiving your former partner.
A releasing ritual is very helpful for this purpose.
Light a white candle, and ask that their and your guides be present.
Speak out loud anything that you feel angry or bitter about.
Ask to be forgive for any mistakes that you made.
Ask God to allow the two of you to move on in the best way possible, with only the good feelings remaining.
Thank your former partner for the learning you shared together.

With family, this is an excellent time for a conference, in which everyone is permitted to speak their truth without judgment.
Fairness is uppermost now, so attempt to find harmonious solutions which all can find peace with.

If you are in a work situation which seems burdensome or unjust, now is the time to meditate and pray about the best solution.

Your planet is moving through another initiation, and lightworkers are asked to Live their Truth.
Lead others in being a living example of the ideal friend, wife, mother, father , brother, son, co-worker, boss.
The air element is being engaged, and you will find that it will help to clarify and cleanse any untruths in your relationships with others.

This is all a preparatory step, as the Logos of your planet is preparing a light infusion for February of 2006.
More will be given on this subject soon.

Adonai and Shalom from
the Higher Vibrational Levels of Venus

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