Monday, November 01, 2004

Deja-Vu Again Part Two

In Part One we covered what past life memories are and why they remain with us.
In this section I will talk about how these leftover emotional imprints can help heal wounds in the present.
The key to resolving past life trauma is remembering. From there we can choose what is the most appropriate way of dealing with it.
There are different doorways into the subconscious, where these memories are stored. Hypnosis is one way to recover a memory or event, no matter how ancient.
A skilled hypnotherapist can lead you to nearly any level of consciousness. If the session was for purposes of recovering a specific past life memory, it would be wise to discuss this ahead of time. There are hypnotherapists who are experts at past life therapy.
How do you know is this type of work is for you?
Sometimes your intuition will lead you to it. Or perhaps you are having disturbing dreams, or flashes of a previous time. Past life therapy can be intense, and it is not for everyone. You must be basically a mentally stable person, as occasionally the memories unearthed are very disturbing. The rewards, however, can be great, as when we know the origin of a deep emotional wound, it is easier to heal.
If you are somewhat familiar with what past life you want to go to, it does make the session a bit easier for the hypnotherapist. If you are trying to find a troublesome memory, or are just curious, it is a bit more difficult, but not impossible.
Either way, the hypnotherapist will begin by "talking you down" into a state of relaxation. This changes the brain waves and puts you in a zone of hyper-awareness. This is necessary for any work to begin. Once you are deeply hypnotized, he or she will give a suggestion that you go to a specific lifetime that is causing you distress now. Suddenly you will find yourself in different clothing, in a different time, and somehow, "knowing" what is going on around you. Seeing these pictures can be confusing, as some people mistake these scenes for their "imagination".
Once you look at the situation under hypnosis, and discover the traumatic event, the hypnotherapist steps in to help you deal with it. They will make suggestions to help you use this information to understand how it applies to present life.
For example, as a child I felt neglected by my parents, to the point of not having enough to eat. There was a lot of hostility between myself and my father, although I was a good child and didn't cause trouble. I felt unwanted and unloved. In my adulthood, I carried this pain with me, projecting it onto various relationships. This caused a lot of problems for me, until I learned that I could access memories through hypnosis. In trance, I discovered a lifetime in which I was a wealthy member of the aristocracy in England. I had houses on my land that were inhabited by people who paid me money for the privilege of farming the land and feeding their families. I was selfish and greedy, and one family nearly starved because I charged them too much rent, and didn't help them when they had repeated poor growing seasons. That family from that lifetime is my family now, that father is now my father, and I reaped what I sowed. Once I discovered what I had done, I realized that there are no accidents, and that divine justice is always at hand. I worked my relationship out with my father in this lifetime, and I no longer blame him for my childhood, he was helping me work out my karma.
Another doorway into these kinds of memories is the Tarot. This ancient form of divination has a magical way of introducting us to ourselves. If you know someone gifted with these cards, they can find information for you about your past lives. You may want to learn to use this tool yourself.
To use the Tarot cards for past life information, first the question is asked, for example; "what lifetime will help me understand my troubled relationship with my daughter?" The cards will be shuffled and then laid out in a traditional spread. Within this reading the answer will emerge.
This might be a quicker way to find memories than using hypnosis, but not always as complete. However it can give you a place to start, and then hypnotherapy can lead you into a more in-depth exploration of the chosen lifetime.
To find practitioners of past life therapy, you do a search online. You are also welcome to contact me via email, and I will explain about the past life therapy that I offer.

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