Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Hidden Value of Recent Elections


We are receiving many appeals for help and guidance due to the results of your current elective processes.
Do not fall prey to mass illusion and despair, rather, penetrate to the real meaning of these events.
Does it appear that those who support fearful, paranoid, and dogmatic ideology are gaining the upper hand?
Rather, understand that they are creating their own self terminating spiral. As these energies close themselves off from the rest of the world, concentrating their focus, they move into the pattern of all self destructive systems. As negative power becomes more and more compact, it ultimately implodes.
Scan the history of warfare in this century, and see if this is not the case. A negative system cannot sustain itself indefinitely in these times.
Do we not recall that the planet itself does no longer support these thought-forms? All that cannot evolve to brotherhood will pass away, and this shall be accomplished, it is as certain as the striking of the clock upon the hour.
Therefore, be wise, and recognize these changes as what they are, the separation period. For the next 3 years, personal and collective energies will gravitate to their own point of comfort. Groups will polarize all over the globe. Understand as the negative pole seemingly gains strength, it only leaves an opening through which the positive energies of growth, liberation, unity and enlightenment may expand.
So we all choose.........expand.....or contract. Contraction means death, and repetition of lessons.
The choice has only been made more clear. Rejoice! All is well in heaven and earth.

The Confederation of Light
through channel Eileen Hetherington

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