Monday, November 08, 2004

Heaven and Earth Conspire

Channelled message 11/08/04.....

Greetings to all from the Galactic Core;

We are those who lovingly watch in awe at the creativity of your peoples...the raw vitality which is the Creator's gift to the hu-man.
You have a rare opportunity........all of you Earth connect with your personal source, the ray of your origin, the birthplace of your consciousness.
This is a gift offered, please take advantage.
Today and tomorrow, especially, and until December 9 this year, you have the opportunity in prayer or meditation to directly connect with your highest self. Not only to connect, but to access the energies available from all of your invisible helpers, and brothers and sisters in spirit. Is there something you have dearly wanted to bring into manifestation? Please ask clearly what you want, as this is a powerful energy and will bring to fruition that which is desired. When you call upon this force, it will scan your heart and mind and determine your deepest desires. Therefore be careful what you focus on in this meditation, as it will come to pass. We ask that you use this gift to merge your will with the will of the Creator, and then to ground this energy into your planet.
How can this be accomplished?
First sit quietly and release all distractions. Call upon the Violet Ray to clear and clarify. Also call upon the Devic Kingdom of your planet. They are involved with this alignment, and are ready and willing to be part of this. Use the elements also, earth ,water, air, and fire, in your invocations. Then imagine a point of light directly above your head, reaching into the atmosphere, and finding its' destination at the origin of self. You may visualize a spaceship, or heaven, another planet, a star, or whatever spirit gives you as a focus.
Pray to be directly connected to this source of self, and then see this ray pass through your chakras, especially activating at the center of will, the solar plexus. From here, pass this energy down through to the sacral chakra, and then down to the center of the Earth. For a few moments, hold this meditation, seeing yourself grounded in both worlds, a conduit for the best use of your creative energy.
This experience is excellent for those who are endeavoring to discover the best use of their own spiritual gifts, and helpful to invoke the Fiery Will of God.
This is a window provided for those who have ears to hear, a window of Direct Manifestation.
Please pass this information on to those who are in need of it.


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