Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Message From the Burrahh: Earthquake

We are those who dwell deep within the core of this planet we all share. We create rhythms, the heartbeat of the Earth. We feel the shaking and the terror.
We are at work to help stabilize the vibrations of the planet. Now there is much quivering and restlessness deep withing the core, the very heart of Earth.
We are here to repair and help Earth, grievously wounded and in need of help.

Hu-Mans, listen.

Create circles of rhythm and chanting. Let them be as you wish, but lend your name and your aid to this effort. All in the circle must contribute. Sing rounds, dance rounds, spin, chant, use the drum and the instruments, send this healing to the core of Earth.
These create stabilizing ripples of love, which heal and help the Great Mother.

We do what we can but our help is not enough.
We are also damaged by this event.
Our energies are scattered and confused.

Many are frightened and bewildered, feeling Earth has betrayed them.
Nay, not so, hu-mans.

She is an overcrowded ship of unruly blind children.
Those who see clearly are outnumbered.
She must get the attention of all in order to save herself, and thus, you.

She is deafened by the roar of selfishness and hatred.
She is weakened by the destruction of her waters, forests, and lands.
She is saddened by the desperation of frightened and starving children.
She can bear no more and must take action.

So majestic and wise, our Great Mother.
Willing to sacrifice some of her children to save the greater number.
But all are precious. All.

Many have taken little thought of this event.
It is over a great water which does not touch them.
My friends.
It is in your backyard.
When will hu-man learn.
What happens to one happens to all.

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